Thursday, 8 July 2010

What a difference a week makes....

Sisters, Acolytes and Followers

I am sure that by now you will all have seen the visions of our (Time) Lord *praise be his name and ten-inch* which have been liberated from the Island of the Man. I fear for the sanity of the costume designer on the set of Decoy Bride. Perhaps she felt that by cladding the Ten-inch in tartan and teaming this with a paisley shirt, she would cause permanent damage to the eyesight of the fangals. Not likely, the Sisters donned their Wayfarers and perved away to their heart's content.

It seems that working away suits our Lord as he looks relaxed and refreshed when compared to the recent visions from All my Sons and Legally Blonde. It seems clear that the absence of the energy-sucking limpet and her small offspring has given the Lord time to recuperate and return to his most gorgeous best. His hair looks shiny and ruffleable once more, his skin has improved and his developing wrinkles have retreated for the time being. There is a move to his native land shortly to continue the filming and I am sure that the late sleep-ins coupled with the natural scottish air will continue to refresh our Lord until he must return to that hell-hole of Londoom and the dreary luvvie world of the davison-moffett wannabies.

As the collective praying worked for the visions, I suggest that this week we go for a congregation on the Sabbath and pray for the ten-inch to come to its senses, wake up and smell the bullshit and finally leave the child for a proper woman. Sisters, Acolytes and Followers you know what to do. Altogether Now ....

"leave her...leave HER...LEAVE HER!!!!!"

Tennant x