Saturday, 28 June 2008

I feel the need... the need for... the Lord

My Dear Sisters

I have had word that our Irish sister has landed on English soil and is right now heading towards Earl's Court to marvel at the many visions of our Lord that reside there.

On this most auspicious weekend, when 2 sisters will once again be joined in devotion to the 10", I say a prayer for our Miseryside sister who is required to stay at home for a clan gathering.

Join me in our devotions in front of the 40" altar this evening. We pray that the good Lord be diverted in his travel to Twickenham to see the Child tomorrow and instead visits his Agent on Oxford Street just as the Sisters are walking past!

*bend thy head and pray*


Friday, 20 June 2008

O M F G !!!!


NO WORDS....... Just marvel.......

May the Lord be praised for evermore


Tuesday, 17 June 2008


I bring to you new visions of our beloved. I liberated this vision during a "mission" to the t'other side. Perve with me...

I also tell fibs. What I wanted to share with you won't load so I shall have to post in the gutter!



Thursday, 12 June 2008

My guilty pleasure

Sisters, may I share with you my guilty pleasure? As you are aware I have been rather concerned at our (Time) Lord's choice of female company in recent weeks. The mere thought of one so divine thinking with the 10" head and choosing to spend time with a young girl and her tiny tears rather than women nearer to his own age has somewhat gotten on my womanly bits. However I have seen visions of the stubble and I am now in a much better frame of mind, providing I do not think about said slip of girl.

Pray with me Sisters, that our beloved sees the error of his ways - however I do now fear for the womanly folk at the RSC - For he shall stoop and conquer any hot blooded woman and the British "press-ure" shall have many inches of print to shock the public.



Thursday, 5 June 2008


Well said Sister.

I only have one comment: INCEST!


Tuesday, 3 June 2008

A Sister's Wrath

Firstly, I would like to welcome Sister Shagwell into the Sisterhood, I hope she will be able to remain with us for some time... we seem to have lost her twin, Sister Virtue, to the technological wilderness... We Pray for Her Soul.

Now onto the serious matter of today's Red Tops. I fear that Sister Shagwell was somewhat premature in her worship of our Lord in his shorts on *Sun*day (pic supplied above). It seems that there was an ulterior motive for his buttons not being done up properly. His new squeeze is not yet old enough to have learnt how to dress herself, or him for that matter.

So far from being overjoyed at the view of our Lord's hairy legs and temptation of the 10", the image is now tainted with the knowledge that he has been spending his nights in Twickenham with the Doctor's Daughter! When he said, "You're My Doctor" to Peter Davidson, what he really meant was "You're my Dad-in-Law"

Not content with shagging his way through the female crew of BBC Welsh Wales, it seems he now feels the irrestible urge to add the female cast members to his ever growing bed-post notches. At 14 years his junior, he is either in denial about his being nearly 40 (David, take a good look at the cover of Takin' over the Asylum), or he is simply becoming a dirty old man!

I'm afraid the Sisters will have to take the Lord *in hand* far sooner than planned before he gets himself arrested for underage shagging. I feel certain the Child Protection Squad in Stratford have already made plans to keep a close eye on him during his sojourn with the Bard's company. After all, they married at 12 in Ol' Will's day.

In closing then, if you are driving on the M40 over the next few weeks, look out for a Toyota Prius in the outside lane with David Tennant at the wheel. He'll be driving to Twickers to get into Georgia's knickers!!

Bow your heads and pray Sisters


Monday, 2 June 2008

A Sister's return from the wildnerness

Sisters, I have returned to the fold. After many days away spreading the perve to the great unwashed, I am now back and was welcomed by visions of our Lord parading his pins, and airing the 10" around Londoom recently.

Oh, I confess that my heart rate did mightily increase as I devoured such sights with my eyes. I was so overcome that I did actually steal images of our Lord to feed my devotion.

I did also listen to thy profit of mirth and merryment; a Mr Toss of the second radio station. I should share that I think our beloved needs to visit the optician urgently as he commented that the heavenly hair was not tinged with grey - alas my Lord, you are wrong as the proof is documented. There are shades of grey imerging at thy sides and through thy locks.

I was glad to learn that the noble play, Hammy- one of many works of the playwright 'Oor Willie' was referred to as "just a play". I shall remember this as I am losing the will to live, but then again I will be worshipping my Lord's talents, and that of the ensemble cast. (That's what he thinks!)

I have travelled to Stratford to make ready for my Lord's arrival to his righful home. I trust that his first day was filled with much joy and that his time away from Londoom will be benefical to his well-being and that he eats 3 hearty meals and plenty of fruit each day.

Pray with me dear sisters that we shall now be rewarded with more visions of our beloved in short trousers.