Sunday, 18 April 2010

Happy Birthday Lord

Yes, of course, today has been the day that we celebrate our Lord's twenty-nineteenth birthday. We trust that He has spent the day in commune with his wondrous family in the place of his birth as befits such an auspicious occasion and that he has eschewed the company of a common fame-hunter and her wretched hangers-on.

In celebration of the Lord blessing this earth and all females who do walk upon it, Sister Shagwell and I thought some pictures of our Lord clad in nothing but what his mother and father gave him would be appropriate. However, not wanting to scare the children who may visit this site by accident, we settled on the following.

Happy Tennant Day to one and all

The Sisters


Sunday, 4 April 2010

Happy Easter to all our followers

Dear Sisters

And so as we exit Lent with an uplifted heart and our souls cleansed, ready for another year of perving the Lord *praise be his name and teninch*, the Lord himself has furnished us with a glimpse of the future.

Some pics of the filming of Single Father in his native Glasgow have been decorating the T'interweb this week and they gladden the Sisters' hearts to see the Lord clad in leather and denim and rolling in the hay with yet another blonde!

There are whispers of concern that the Lord is looking thin(ner) than usual and a little gaunt around the eyes. The picture taken at a recent event with the Child and mother-in-law has caused many fangirls to send food parcels to North London. I want to reassure all the Lord's followers that all is well and it is simply that the Lord has given up eating for Lent. Once he tucks into the deep fried pizzas and Cadbury's creme eggs that his fellow scots enjoy so much he will soon look his usual svelte self.

I regret to say that I will be going into seclusion for part of this week. I must make a visit to the Mother Superior in the wilds of the flatlands of Suffolk for a few days of contemplation and redemption.

I promise to return re-invigorated and ready to once more take up the mantle of serving our Lord David Tennant *praise be his name and ten-inch* to the best of my ability and to unceasingly and without complaint piss off the kiddies on Who's Dating Who!

Lord Teninch Bless you all

Tennant x