Sunday, 27 June 2010

Summer Lovin' ...

Sisters et al

I am given to writing this on my newly acquired Blackcurrant so forgive it's brevity and lack of craven images to worship. I will endeavour to add such beauties when I can surgically remove the daughter of satan from the laptop of holiness.

So it seems our Lord *praise be his name and Teninch* is sojourning is the Isle of the Man for a few weeks shagging the locals, who despite the name of their abode have never seen such a fine specimen of a male in quite some time. Some of these lucky females will even get paid for the privelige of appearing on screen with the Teninch. Let's hope that the script calls for many shirtless occasions, a few shower scenes and at least one serious shag!

Talking of the Lord's work, it has also been revealed this week that Fright Night will be released in 3D. How many bloomers will be destroyed as females around the globe find the Teninch coming towards them in the front row of the cinema. I for one will be sat there with my mouth open!

So as my thumbs develop cramp from typing on the blackcurrant's miniscule keys, I bid you adieu. Come on England (sorry to our US followers) and come on Andy! Sadly the Lord won't be at Wimbleborough this year :(