Tuesday, 12 July 2011

The preparations begin

The preparations are beginning for the long awaited pilgrimage of the The Sisters to Londoom and our audience with the Lord Teninch Himself.

This year, as with the previous pious pilgrimages unto thrust stage of Shakeyland and the more intimate venue of the Novello, our stalking is being planned with military precision.

The worshipping will of course begin at a local hostelry with line of sight to the place of worship. We believe that on the first pilgrimage of 2011, we will be welcomed at the hostelry by some acolytes of pervitude from the twitterverse. From there we will move to claiming the front positions at the Stage Door to be entertained by the great unwashed rushing by, unaware of the Greatness which resides mere feet from where they race down the road. We will be sustained by Cupcakes which bear the visage of our Lord (some of which we may even donate unto the Door Security man and, when they finally emerge, Lord Ten and Lady Catherine).

Once we have consumed some further alcoholic beverages to help us to recover from a close encounter with the Teninch, we will return to the place of worship and take our seats (towards the rear on this occasion) to witness first hand the beauty that is David Tennant proclaiming the words of the Bard on the boards.

Ere leaving Londoom, we will avail ourselves of the Little Shop and purchase some MAAN goodies to relocate to the frozen North and the land of the roundabouts. We may even sing our praise to the Lord on the tubey people conveyor thingy back unto the Mond of Rich to rescue the wee Honda Jazz from the clutches of the Londoom Parking Nasties!

Let all Pilgrims join in the fun!! Onward Perving Soldiers, marching to the Lord!