Thursday, 31 July 2008

Get thee to a nunnery

Welcome Novice Strumpet.

I see that Sister Chastity has bestowed the 10" commandments upon you. Learn them well as the path to enlightenment is littered with many false trails that lead to the sullying of young wenches. Beware of the boybands as they are indeed the devil's own creation. As is the devil's mode of tranport; under no circumstances be lured by lusture of a Prius. It is wrong and a mortal sin to consider it eco friendly. The devil fools you with such lies.

The sisterhood takes their vows of pervedom to our Lord very seriously and there are mandatory calls to perve at the 40" altar when our beloved chooses to broadcast his greatness to the great unwashed. We also scan tinterweb on a daily basis looking for visions or text about our beloved and his greatness. At present we have learnt that people are making a pilgrimage to Shakeyland to see our Lord in action performing the great words of 'ol Shakey as Hammy. Such is his presence that many have flocked to the doors in hope of being granted an audience with our beloved, and I believe that some have had the holy armpit stuffed into their face - such joy!

Sister Chastity will be departing to seek an audience next week and we shall perve until her safe return to the gutter with news of our Lord - and hopefully a signed programme. In November the sisterhood will collectively gather to worship at the thrust stage in Shakeyland. The mere thought of being before our love gladdens my heart. I have also learnt that a Federation Starfleet Captain of some repute is treading alongside our Lord, tis indeed an audience of intergalactic greatness.

Novice Strumpet - get thee to a nunnery and pray with your very soul that you stay true to your vocation.

Let us pray sisters.

Tennant x

The Dark Prince

Dear Sisters,

Novice Strumpet has completed her first task and diligently gathered new visions of our Lord in his Princely role from the Right Shagging Company's website. I must add my deep adoration of these pics to the general acclaim with which they have been received within the Gutter and on T'other Site. I particular love the one where his 'Halo', sorry, his Crown has slipped!

In other news, yesterday I observed the new flick The Dark Knight for almost 3 hours. High body count, rubber suit with wings and the trashing of a beautiful Lamborghini aside, it wasn't a bad film actually! I understand that the casting for the next installment is going on at the moment. I feel an email to the casting director with a picture of the Lad as the troubled Prince might sway them in his favour. Who better to play a rich playboy with a bevy of beauties at his beck and call and who has a tortured Dark Side which manifests itself in a fondness for dressing in rubber suits, driving fast cars and chasing bad guys across the rooftops?

I propose of course that the Sisters play the Bevy of Beauties! I think we could spare David for a few months to Hollywood in return for 3 hours of his arse in that suit on a big screen!
I leave you to ponder this possibility.

Tennant sisters x

Welcome to our new Novice

Welcome to the Sisterhood, Novice Strumpet.

As part of thy initiation into the Holy Order, there will be some tasks that will be given unto thee in due course to test thy faithfulness to the Lord. In the meantime, please make thyself comfortable at his feet and learn the 10" commandments by rote:

1. You shall have no other Gods but the 10". (This includes those 'liofe boys!)
2 You shall not make for yourself any idol, nor bow down to it or worship it unless it be a vision of the Lord's gorgeousness scavvied from T'interweb or the Lord himself on the sisters 40" altar
3 You shall not misuse the name of the Lord your God. You can only use the name of the Lord in praise and song!
4 You shall remember and keep the Sabbath day holy. The Sabbath is for perving and ficcing.
5 Respect your father and mother. They bail you out when you have spent all your money on perving the Lord.

6 You must not kill except for Soppy, the Biatch, the Welsh Sheep-shagger, the Gremlin or Dead Meat or any future wench which attracts the interest of the 10"
7 You must commit adultery only with the Lord 10" himself
8 You must not steal unless it is merchandise related to the Lord.
9 You must give false evidence against your neighbour to ensure your place at the front of the queue at the Stage Door.
10You shall be envious of the Lord's goods. You shall be envious of his house behind red 56, his girlfriend, and anything that belongs to the Lord especially his A&F hoodie. You shall not be envious of his PRIUS!

See you at Evensong laters

Tennant xxx

Wednesday, 30 July 2008

So glad to be accepted into the holy order....

I am so pleased to have finally been accepted into the sisterhood. I am still a novice but am very eager to learn.

Praise be to the lord...


Friday, 25 July 2008

Vicarious Pervitude


I am handcuffed to the taplop as I scour T'interweb and T'other site in particular for accounts of last night's magnificence on the stage at the Courtyard Theatre in Shakeyland.

I have changed my bloomers several times this morning after words of such power have been uttered through the ether. Words like: "Barefoot", "Tuxedo" and "appendectomy scar" have had my frail frame all of a quiver with excitement. I now read that he rests his head in my lap and I wrestle with him on a bed and grab a kiss... No sorry that was Ophelia and Gertrude the damn lucky wenches. Chant with me sisters..."a pox on both the bitches!"

I have yet to find any visions of his pulchritudinous, I swear on the Lord's 10" that should I find any, I will post them here for all to worship!

Now I return to my task, gruelling though it is.

Added later... I have discovered more wondrousness...

Hamlet gets tied to a chair and gagged OMFG!! Our Lord bound and gagged is almost too much for a mere mortal female to take.

I am also led to understand that the actors use all the stage including the walkways that thrust forward into the Stalls. I think I shall be "coming" in the Stalls if the Lord steps to the end of the left hand walkway!

I shall be on the lookout for the glimpse of "tummy" that has also been forecast.

Tennant x

PS Thanks to a friend of the Sisters... this picture has emerged of the Lord signing programmes at the Stage Door. Pale and interesting!!!

Monday, 21 July 2008

Sizzling Summer Sexiness

The Summer Holidays are now upon us. Young 'uns are clamouring to make sandcastles and swim in the English Channel, Wimbledon has come and gone and the Olympic Games is mere weeks away.

I regret that I have not posted recently, but being a Sister of Pervitude can be such a burden, can it not Sisters. Constantly scanning T'interweb for any news or new visions of Our Lord takes up a vast amount of time. Once found, any tidbits must then be shared with the rest of womankind in order to keep the shares of Marks and Spencer afloat in these troubled times. I feel sure that it is the constant purchase of new bloomers which is preventing the country from falling into recession.

Talking of new bloomers, a new signed pic arrived at work for us last week. Such was the excitment that the picture drew, i had to escape the building almost immediately in order to preserve the holiness of the image - women were queuing up to drool over it. The pic is above in all its glory.

I have been on my travels again in the last week. This time taking the word of our Lord up North to the land of the Tykes. So joyous was the news that I brought, that they have invited me to join their Clan in the CWDC (that's Children's Wishes Don't Count- a government funded organisation) for 25 days between September 08 and March 09 to deliver training on the Lad to anyone who will listen in the South West of England.

So I enter my summer recess from working for a living full of hope and joy for the future. My calendar is marked with major events not to be missed:

Anytime now expecting delivery of the next installment of Hiccup on audio book. 3 hours of the Lad explaining the adventures of a 12 year old ginger viking! Love it!

6 August - my first visit to the Royal Shagging Company to see the Lord portray the troubled Dane, followed by a sojourn in the Dirty Duck to reserve the best seats for the SOP pilgrimage in November. I have posted a rehearsal pic above - spotty shirt in view!

10 August - Witness at first hand the invasion of the Daleks predicted to occur at the Fleet Air Arm Museum near Yeovil. With the Doctor busy in Stratford it will fall to his children to save the earth. Fortunately one of his children will be in attendance in full tuxedo mode including new Converses to complete the transformation.

31 August - Sadly this Sister is unable to make the Sermon in the Courtyard as the Lord imparts his well chosen words with regards to the importance of Shakespeare to the new generation. I hope that t'Other Site can be relied upon for a full and frank report of his wonderful words of wisdom as well as some otherwise unseen visions of Tennanty goodness. The spotty shirt would be a double bonus.

I wish everyone a hot and happy summer holidays. Being that i shall not be grinding at the wheel of industry until 1 September, I shall try to spend my leisure hours researching, writing and generally perving the Lad on behalf of sisters everywhere. Enjoy the final pic - I like to think that he had that look on his face as he read our Birthday Card and logged on to this blog!

Tennant Sisters; Tennant xxx

Friday, 4 July 2008

We have been blessed sisters


Our (time) Lord has bestowed his gorgeousness on us in the form of a signed S T U B B L E pic which landed on my doorstep during this week. On opening the envelope the vision left me breathless for a considerable period of time and in need of several pairs of new bloomers!

I have shown the expected level of respect for the pic, and after rubbing against my skin for hours on end, it has now been carefully stored alongside my other most prized possessions!

This week has been very interesting...

Saturday night Doctor Who - Stolen Earth - OMFG! Wondering what will happen this week - will the Lord regenerate into himself (yes, yes, yes) or will we be looking for an alternative place of worship?

Sunday - 2 Sisters joined together in pervitude in Londoom! A wonderful time was had. We first went to the natural history museum in search of the 8th wonder of the world (the ten-inch). Sadly we were informed that it was currently residing in a Shakespearean theatre in Stratford.

From there we raided the Doctor Who floor in Hamleys on Regent Street. A Sonic was purchased along with other memorabilia.

Finally a diversion into Ann Summers and we are now the proud owners of matching sets of luminous ten-inch earrings for our excursion in November.

Tuesday Along with the vision that is S T U B B L E, my doormat was also graced with 4 rather special tickets. A further outing for the Sisters to theatreland in Londoom on 10 January to see our Lord the Prince of Darkness in his last performance as the troubled Dane. I feel sure that the Lord will have a "special performance" in mind for the Sisters as this is his last night!

Wednesday. My week is now complete. kindly sent me a copy of Takin' ove the Asylum which i have been watching every night so far. The young Lord is a wonderful sight and his singing and dancing have once again set fire to my heart. I am truly devoted to this wonderful man!

Thank the Lord for my wonderful week so far....

Tennant sisters, Tennant