Thursday, 20 January 2011

Tipsy Tennant

Whilst perusing the many craven images of the Lord at the RT party yestereve, I stumbled across this one which appears to have been taken late on in the proceedings. I fear from the glassy look in his eyes and the red ears that the Lord may have imbibed one over the eight glasses of shampoo during the evening!

Nice to see him letting his (shorter) hair down with his mates, Phil "the Producer" Collinson, Steven "No I'm not her dad" Moffat and David "Actor, Director and all round good egg" Morrisey!

Tennant x

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

The Lord and the Luvvies

Sisters, Acolytes and Followers

As any follower of the Lord worth their salt is aware, the Lord *praise be his name and tennich* has graced the Radio Times Covers Party with His Presence this very evening. Nice to see the Red Nose Day suit getting an airing before it gets covered in baby puke.

All I can say is *wibble*


Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Much ado about a Child, a forthcoming nuptual and a play

What a start to 2011 indeed Sisters....

The Lord and Child are apparantly "besotted" with each other and are planning to tie the knot in an unspecified location on New Year's Day scarcely less than a twelvemonth from now.

An unnamed "source" has spilled a few tasty morsels of this news to Her Majesty's Gutter Press and they have had a feeding frenzy which apparantly had greatly displeased the Lord. He has relayed a message to his fans via the DT forum that we are not allowed to speaketh about the forthcoming event, nor are we allowed to send any form of congratulatory statements as would be the norm in such cases. This doth appear to many, including the Sisters, to be somewhat over-reacting on the part of the Lord. In his attempt to maintain a clear line between his public persona and his private life, he is now starting to  look faintly ridiculous. When one of the Child's friends openly congratulates the Happy Couple on twitter and yet the Lord refuses to even acknowledge the fact of the engagement, one must wonder about their possible future together.

Neverthless, in these circumstances, as ever Lord, we will of course do your bidding. We are more than happy to ensure that this website, in due deference to your Lordly words, will mention your engagement no more. Take note please Acolytes.

That will not stop us however, observing your life, private or public, with the usual irreverence that you would expect from us! We have been accused over the years of not being "proper or true fans". As Fan is derived from the word Fanatic meaning "to be marked by excessive enthusiasm and often intense uncritical devotion", then yes wholehearteded we are NOT proper fans! We believe Lord, that you respect followers of your work who can see your mortal foilbles and hold a mirror up to reflect those back to you over those sycophantic fans who simply stare open mouthed and glassy eyed and believe that every word you speaketh and every move you maketh is deserving of a reverent sigh or (god forbid) a SQUEEE!

And so on to the really exciting announcement that you were prepared to make this week - on BBC breakfast news no less - about a new project with the lovely, funny, talented, (ginger) Ms Tate.

It seems that as a dynamic duo, you are both so powerful within the Industry that you can raise the funding and persuade a theatre to put on a play by the Bard directly in Londoom's End of West without having to tour, or go to an off-Londoom venue for previews, market testing etc. Mr Cameron Mackintosh has given over his lovely Wyndhams theatre on the road of Charing Cross for 6 months for you to declaim the Bard's words as Benedick to Catherine's Beatrice.

The Sisters, and quite a few Acolytes I do believe, were amongst the first in the queue for tickets on Saturday morn. Despite the meltdown of the website and the phone line, tickets have been secured for two audiences with the Lord over the Summer vacation. Preparations are being made for such a memorable occasion and of course you will all be kept informed of how these preparations are progressing over the coming months.

Finally we are tantalised this week with a rumour being put about that the Lord has been offered a part in the fantasy classic The Hobbit. This rumour has been circulating for some time now, but the revered IDMB is showing the Lord as Lord Thranduil. We have long considered the Lord would look mighty fine with long hair and pointy ears shooting a long bow from horseback. Our fantasies may come true in 2011.

Keep the Faith followers, 2011 is gonna be a bumpy ride!