Monday, 29 December 2008

...and so the end of 2008 is in sight....


This is a time of reviewing the year about to pass and look forward to a New one coming.

2008 has been a special year as it saw the creation of the Gutter Girls out of the now infamous "Duvet Thread". 3 months later, from within the Gutter, was born the Sisterhood themselves.

Together with our (time) Lord *praise be his name and 10"* we have traversed the universe saving the Royals from Kylie; UNIT from the Sontarans and the whole planet Earth from the Daleks. We have been treated to a naked Doctor (well from the chest up!), a happy doctor, a dangerous doctor and a sad doctor. We have blown up Pompeii; freed the OOD and taken tea with Agatha Christie.

Sadly, we have NOT had any new Hiccup and Toothless to entertain us this year (we need to wait until March for that treat), but we did have David interviewing Richard Wilson and discussing tapeworms, banjos and Doctor Who action figures!!

In the theatre the Lord has taken the Bard by the throat and shaken him thoroughly. The Sisters have all been treated to Hammy and Berowne and (all but Sister Shagwell) have been graced by the Lord's audience at the stage door. *Toblerone* will never look the same again ;) will it Novice?

The Lord himself has had a varied year with the ladies. The Midget, Welsh Sheep Shagger and Gremlin have all let him slip through their sticky mitts. The Child seems to have a better grasp of the Lord, but we are sure that he has recently greased her fingers and she cannot hold on much longer. New Year, New House, New Job, New iPhone - the Lord simply needs a new gf and he has the complete set.

...And so to the future... 2009
We have plenty to look forward to in 2009. Prayers will be answered for the Lord to return to the stage and play Hammy on 6 January. Being his final week, I feel sure that he will grant us a special audience at the stage door and sign more than our programmes! *puppies at the ready Sister S*

We have 4 Specials with the timeLord before he finally leaves the 40" altar in this incarnation. There should be plenty of visions of the Lord in Cardiff between now and May to keep the Sisters happy. Lifeboats at the ready!

I am sure the BBC have plenty of things to keep the Lad off the streets after his stint as the Doctor is finished. Suggestions from the Sisters include: Blackpool 2 - the Karma Sutra Northern Style; Casanova - the uncut version; Doctor Who - the musical; Any Shag will Do or I'd Shag Anything - hosted by John B where the Lad is auditioning women to be his new gf (no children eligible to apply).

The Sisters will ceaselessly preach the Word of the (time)Lord to the great unwashed of the world during 2009 and new Acolytes will continue to be welcome to worship the Lord Ten-inch at the Sisters of Pervitude Blog.
The Lord bless all in pervitude.

Tennant xxx

Thursday, 25 December 2008

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Dear Sisters and Acolytes

I want to wish all the bloggers and bloggees a very merry Xmas and a Happy New Year.

We know our (Time)Lord *praise be his name and ten-inch* has spent the day with his neices, dad, brother and sis-in-law and we trust that they had a lovely time opening pressies and watching the Lad in his very own Xmas Special!!

What a shame the Child was on her own for Xmas and her birthday *sniggers behind her hand*

Here's to a Child-free 2009!


Sister Chastity xxx

Friday, 12 December 2008

The Sisters Pilgrimage in doubt


It has indeed been a week spent in reflection and prayer. Our (Time)Lord *praise be his name and 10"* has found himself seriously indisposed this week and has pulled out of Hamlet until at least Christmas.

One of the more evil Sisters (no name, no packdrill) has been slightly less than sympathetic to our Lord and is waiting (nay, gagging) to see a picture of Him in the RedTops limping around on crutches. I fear that should she see Him in the street, she may indeed be tempted into kicking away His crutches so that she could lay herself beneath Him to make a comfy place on which for Him to fall. We will not continue to pander to her personal fantasy, suffice to say that it may be her own untimely illness which is making her hallucinate!

In addition to our Lord's indisposition with a slipped disc, the new year pilgrimage of the Sisters to Londoom appears to be in serious jeopardy:

Sister Berny is unable to join the pilgrimage despite every effort being made to find a carer for those poor unfortunates that rely on the Sister on a daily basis. We hope that once the Summer Sun returns to the land, she will journey across the Irish Sea to join us on the beach instead.

Novice Strumpet finds herself short of funding for her pilgrimage despite Gordon's generosity in reducing the VAT on those items necessary for the Sisters - spatulas, DVDs and new bloomers from Marks and Spencer.

Sisters Shagwell and Chastity were prepared to make the pilgrimage on their own, until news that the Lord may not be fit to perve for several months was discussed in that most moderate of papers, the Daily Mail. We hope that the Specialists they have spoken to are found wanting in their understanding of the Lord's miraculous powers of recovery.

We will await the news post the festive season and make our final decisions at that time.

In the meantime we urge all the females on the T'Interweb to think healing thoughts over the coming weeks. If we all pray together, I am sure the Lord will grant our prayer.

All together Sisters