Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Happy Birthday SOP

Here is a selection of the best perving images we have used over the last 3 years.


Sunday, 20 March 2011

Red Nose Day

Sisters, Acolytes and Faithful Followers,

Well its been quite busy since I last blogged. I won't bore you all with the Lord Teninch's comings and goings (though I fear with the Child about to pop there have been precious few *cough* comings for him lately) However, I do feel there are some moments of note that the Sisters cannot let pass without comment.

The Lord has been undertaking some Charidee work of late (and by that I don't mean that he's been helping children and old ladies to do their shopping - but he has been seen buying nappies, wipes and sudocrem in Waitrose). No, I mean real, proper charidee work for Sir Richard of Curtis. The Lord was shown on prime time BBC1 in a Ugandan Hospital with some poor kiddywinks suffering from Malaria.

The directors and producers of this fine piecce of televisual drama, thought nothing of the effect his heartfelt appeal would do to the female population of Great Britain. As he spoke direct to camera, waggling his wee finger in strict schoolmaster style, bloomers all over the land spontaneously combusted. He choked back the tears telling us he'd promised himself he wouldn't cry, thus ensuring that grown men and women would reach for their Visa cards, sobbing and wailing into their Kleenex. The film finished and Adele added to the emotion by singing *Someone Like You* straight afterwards. Predictably, though clearly not to the BBC, the phonelines went on a meltdown and the cash poured into RND coffers. Indeed, according to Her Maj's Gutter Press yesterday, that segment raised the more dosh than any other. We, of course, would expect nothing less from our Lord Tenninch telling us to donate!

Does this tell you something Sir Richard?

1) Next time, just get David Tennant to present the whole lot. You will raise millions;

2) Get him to do it naked and you will wipe out world poverty for good!

3) Cast him in your next film, or Bridget Jones 3 or whatever you like for a sure fire box office smash; and

4 or d or iv GET HIM TO TAKE HIS CLOTHES OFF and you'll win a bloody BAFTA, OSCAR or whatever the Porn industry equivalent is!

The second little snippet I would like to comment on is also related to RND. His appearance on 24 hour panel people with David Walliams stirred a mini revolution on T'interweb, especially amongst the wee birdies that tweet. I am obviously referring to the pre-show section before Blankety Blank where the Lord could be seen in deep conversation with our National Treasure Dame Babs of Windsor. There was much debate to be had about what the Lord ACTUALLY said, as the sound was unavailable. The best lipreaders in the land were beseeched to provide the transcript of the conversation, but there was much discord and disagreement. In the end, it seemed that there was some agreement that he was relating a past event, and one where either he, or the person he was talking about had been shocked by being told something unexpected.  The words "well at first (He/I) was like *shocked face* Oh OK" were generally agreed as being likely what was said. Sadly we will never know what/who he was talking about... but it certainly kept us entertained for many days, well hours, well a couple of minutes anyway!

And so RND is over for another two years. We are now all waiting with bated breath to hear that the offspring of the Lord and the unmentionable has been safely brought into this world. I am sure that the Wannabe-dad-in-law will spout neverending drivel to the red tops about how proud he is that his daughter has snared the (ex) Doctor and brought forth his progeny and what a wonderful thing it is to be a grand-daddy again. Get the sick bucket ready please.... Remember Lord, at 2.30am when you are doing the graveyard shift and there's only MTV on the telly, my phone number is in your little black book under S! No, it's before you get to Soppy!


Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Spring Cleaning

Dear Sisters and Acolytes

T'is the First of March and I have been seriously neglecting the Blog.

There are dust bunnies under the photograph albums and some naughty child appears to have broken in the stained glass window and scrawled "Pixie woz 'ere and iz stayin' put" across the Sisters' prized collection of memorabilia signed by the Lord Teninch himself!

So after some hands-on, get down and dirty spring cleaning, I felt the need for a reward in the form of some pictures recently released of the Lord doing some Charidee work with the great unwashed in Uganda. It looks like he's getting in some parenting practice in advance of the birthing day.

Don't forget, faithful followers, to visit your local purveyor of the daily paperbased written word to place your orders for next week's Radio Times which doth contain the Lord's Ugandan Diary ^spoiler^it's hot, i'm sunburnt and the food's crap^spoiler^ and the Doctor Who Magazine in which the Lord spills his innermost secrets to Ben "friend of RTD" Cook ^spoiler^I'm marrying Georgia coz I really want to shag her dad^spoiler^

Until the next time

Tennant x