Sisters of Pervitude

Saturday, 24 December 2011

Merry Tennantmas to one and all (except Shippers)

Dear All

This will be the final post for the Sisters of Pervitude. Life and the T'interweb have moved on and this blog can no longer keep up with the information and comment that is delivered almost instantaneously on Social Media such as Twitter/Tumblr etc.

I have decided therefore to finish with my guilt of not posting and suggest that those of you who like our writing style, the fact that we are prepared to say the unsayable and question the sanity of our Lord of Pervitude at times follow us on Twitter @sisterchastity and @sistershagwell

I leave you with thanks for making a Blog that started as a dare into something that made (a few) people smile and upset a lot of shippers (Whoo Hoo!!) :) Thank you for all your contributions and in the bastardised words of Sir Bruce Forsythe "KEEP PERVING"!!!



Friday, 4 November 2011

shhhh Look what escaped this week!!!


It seems some rare footage emerged this week from the midsts of time when once the Lord was indeed a Lord of Time not just Pervitude. This footage it seems was secreted under Jennie Fava's bed in West London and during a recent clear out, she put it in a bin where it was discovered by a fan and posted to the epitome of all viral videos, Ur Tubes R Us. 

As you can see from the following screencaps, some of the storylines depicted were perhaps too "adult" for early Saturday night viewing on Auntie Beeb. All that smoking and bed-hopping would clearly have set a poor example! I just feel it is a shame that these images never made it to the DVD extras, not even as an Easter Egg!!

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

"Open Wide" !!!

Dear Sisters et al

Having just spied the above image of loveliness on the world weird t'interweb I had a sudden urge to.... well never mind what I had the urge to do.... my second thought was that I needed to post said bounty on the blog for all to perve peruse. I particularly love his *oh god the fangirls are after me again* face, but to be quite honest David, if you will sit with your legs spread like that in tight 501s we cannot be held responsible for our actions!

I am sure that I am not the only one to have spotted a pattern recently when our Lord *praise be his name and Ten-inch* has found himself seated in what can only be described as compromising positions. 

Here is a further example from his recent stage appearance in MAAN:

...and lookie here, one from Hamlet:

...and Loves Labours Lost

I think I've made the point...*ahem*

Whether this is the Director of the various entertainment pieces requiring our Lord to show his "best side"  or whether it is indeed a predilection of the Lord for sitting in positions which give the Ten-inch more room for manoeuvre is a moot point. What we can safely say is that it adds a little frisson to all his stage and screen appearances as we wait for the "legs akimbo" stance to appear! 

So we understandably wait in great anticipation for his newest outing for Auntie Beeb. There has been plenty of excitement over the last two weeks in the much maligned seaside town of Margate, down there on the South East coast. We don't know whether the Lord rolled up his trouser legs and paddled in the North Sea (*brrrr*) but we do know that he has been filming in the Council Offices and in the local parks and quayside, and *allegedly* has spent some time socially and work-wise with Ms Billie of the Piper. He has also been captured by the long lens of a pap/fan having a relaxing moment on a park bench with his leading lady of the moment Lacey Turner. Wonder if he was finding out who he needs to sleep with to get a regular job on Eastbenders... 

Enjoy The View!!

Tennant xxx

Wednesday, 31 August 2011

and we're back!!!

Dear Sisters, Acolytes and followers

I am fully aware that some of you may have abandoned the sisterhood temporarily due to the recent vow of silence that the Sisters felt the need to impose upon themselves. This was a simple test of faith and those of you who remain steadfastly on the path to Pervitude have proved the most faithful and devoted followers of the Lord Teninch. 

The silence was necessary to cleanse the Sisters of the bad wordage being spawned by Her Majesty's Gutter Press with the unholy Daily Fail in the vanguard of the assault on our Lord. We felt it better to let such vile sentiments as promulgated by the wannabe daddie in law and the Child of the Devil herself to be left untouched by the sacred fingers of the Sisters. 

We have, however, been cleansed of any residual effects of the assertions of the red tops by the Lord Himself *praise be his name and ten-inch* We have indeed been in the most Holy presence of the Lord on three separate occasions this Summer and have exchanged gifts, words and shared cake with the Lord and with his minions. We also met some lovely Acolytes and followers and one or two nut jobs as well!!

The events have been uplifting and memorable and on each occasion have also required the changing of underwear and the administering of ventolin to ensure that this Sister in particular could *...and breathe...* something that doesn't come easy when in the presence of the Lord. 

So now that MAAN is coming to an end (and the Lord is suffering for his art, being unwell and not performing for the past two evenings) we can freely discuss all aspects of the production without that awful twittery cry of "SPOILER" (Riversong has a lot to feel guilty about!)

Lad in White Navel Uniform and Sunnies = gorgeous
Lad in cut off Lee jeans and superman T = fucking gorgeous
Lad in said cut offs and T covered in white paint = Oh Shit my ovaries just exploded
Lad in mini-skirt sat on stage 3 feet away from a Sister with legs open and ten-inch only covered in thin black lycra = Sister having asthma attack whilst being restrained from jumping the stage

There is little doubt that David was born to speak the words of the Bard. He is so fluid and confident with them and he plays with the other actors and the audience with such skill and dexterity that you are inexorably drawn into the story that is being portrayed and literally rolling in the aisles at 400 year old jokes! He gives a masterclass at every performance. 

And then after giving his all on stage, he has enough energy left to bounce across the stage for the curtain calls and come out (most nights) to meet and greet his fans (no matter how bat shit crazy they are) at the Stage Door. 

What's it like to meet him? The nerves jangle for the minutes (or in our case hours) waiting by the barrier for the play to end and the door to open. Then he strides out with such an air of confidence and command and the crowd go wild with excitement. As he approaches, your mouth goes dry and all the things you planned to say to him go out of your head. As he stands in front of you, you gape open mouthed at his sheer beauty and (if your lucky) the bit of chestage you can see peeping out of his shirt at eye level. You look up and into those dark brown eyes and try to say something. In my case i handed over a present in a shiny silver bag. He said thank you and left me for a moment to place the bag by the wall for Steve (lovely Steve) to pick up for him. I felt bereft of his presence, but he returned to finish signing my programme. Then he was gone, carrying on down the line, smiling for photos, thanking fans for compliments... It was all over too fast, I didn't get to tell him how much we loved him, how brilliant the play was, how fabulous he was. how sexy he is... but he knows all that anyway doesn't he??

.....And there is always the next time......

Tennant Sisters, Sweet Sweet Tennant


After Friday I shall blog about my Fright Night experience tonight. Alas I cannot do it yet as I am still shaking from overexposure to the Lord's thighs and also I do not wish to SPOILer any experiences Acolytes may have to come on their first viewing of the filth  film on opening night. 

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

The preparations begin

The preparations are beginning for the long awaited pilgrimage of the The Sisters to Londoom and our audience with the Lord Teninch Himself.

This year, as with the previous pious pilgrimages unto thrust stage of Shakeyland and the more intimate venue of the Novello, our stalking is being planned with military precision.

The worshipping will of course begin at a local hostelry with line of sight to the place of worship. We believe that on the first pilgrimage of 2011, we will be welcomed at the hostelry by some acolytes of pervitude from the twitterverse. From there we will move to claiming the front positions at the Stage Door to be entertained by the great unwashed rushing by, unaware of the Greatness which resides mere feet from where they race down the road. We will be sustained by Cupcakes which bear the visage of our Lord (some of which we may even donate unto the Door Security man and, when they finally emerge, Lord Ten and Lady Catherine).

Once we have consumed some further alcoholic beverages to help us to recover from a close encounter with the Teninch, we will return to the place of worship and take our seats (towards the rear on this occasion) to witness first hand the beauty that is David Tennant proclaiming the words of the Bard on the boards.

Ere leaving Londoom, we will avail ourselves of the Little Shop and purchase some MAAN goodies to relocate to the frozen North and the land of the roundabouts. We may even sing our praise to the Lord on the tubey people conveyor thingy back unto the Mond of Rich to rescue the wee Honda Jazz from the clutches of the Londoom Parking Nasties!

Let all Pilgrims join in the fun!! Onward Perving Soldiers, marching to the Lord!


Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Who's been a naughty Lad then????

Dear Sisters and Acolytes

All this nonsense with #superinjunctions has led the Sisters to discover that Ryan Giggs (who? I hear you cry) is not the only famous person to walk over to the dark side recently. It seems our Lord of Time and Space himself *praise be His Name and Teninch* has had a little saunter over that way aswell...

I can only gaze with mouth open at the visions that were abounded upon t'interweb this week - apparantly they were orginally exposed at some little movie award ceremony across the Pond. Imagine the Sisters surprise to see that our Lord favoured leather, crosses and some serious military hardware as his relaxing evening attire - not common in West London. Not only that but he appears to have acquired some body art and guy-liner aswell. 

Lord - you only needed to ask - the Sisters have ready access to many Ann Summers establishments and could have furnished your every desire at the drop of a hat (so to speak)

Anyways - Enjoy! 

Tennant xx

Sunday, 5 June 2011



It seems the Lord is being a tad shy following his Press Night. Maybe he is feeling guilty having three nights out after the theatrical performance on the bounce!

So it was Convent (sorry Covent) Garden on Wednesday night for the after premiere party, then on Thursday a late, late supper at the Ivy (allegedly) with friend, journalist and fellow thespian Helen Lederer  and finally, a glass of fizz with bosom buddy Adam after the show again last night! What a dirty little stop out!!!

Anyway - here he is trying to stop the paps seeing what we knew all along - he IS a Party Animal really! What a Naughty Boy :)

Tennant xx