Sunday, 27 April 2008

Ring for The Doctor


I felt in need of a Doctor last night as I exhibited worrying symptoms of high blood pressure, shortness of breath, and wet bloomerage. Oddly enough I seem to suffer these symptoms around the same time every Saturday evening for the last 4 weeks. Do any other Sisters feel the same?

Despite my symptoms I spent almost an hour worshipping in front of the 40" altar and was rewarded by some wonderful views of the (time) Lord *praise be his name and his 10"*.

I loved the awkward moment when the Lord's new companion the mighty and wise (Ma) Donna met the ex-companion the now military Martha. It was delightfully difficult for our Lord and, I wondered if it mirrored the difficulties of the Gremlin and Sheep shagger working together in BBC welsh Wales *giggled*.

The episode gave plenty of s(p)ex appeal :) as can be seen above.

Part 2 is just around the corner... woo hoo!!
Tennant Sisters

Friday, 25 April 2008

Sisters' habits.....


The time has come for us to travel amongst the great unwashed of the country and preach to the unconverted about the great bounty of our (time) Lord *praise be his name*.

In order for them to know the Sisters of Pervitude and their great work - we now have a Habit that we must wear on all Tennanting occasions. The Lord's image will be stretched across our tits in anticipation of the Lord himself being there one day!

Go forth with pride Sisters and preach the name of the (time) Lord to all those who will listen (and beat those who won't into submission!).

Tennant thoughts be with you this day.

Tuesday, 22 April 2008

In Service of our (Time) Lord

My Dear Sisters

We are truly blessed that we have found salvation on a Saturday evening. Worship of the Great Lord of Time *Praise be on his name* in front of the 40" altar is a joy to behold. The Holy (Ma)Donna is attentive to our (Time) Lord,*Praise be on his name*. And thus far the sermons delivered from thy great mount of Cardiff have been favourably received by criticdoom. There is new life in thy words and visions.

My heart doth swell that our (Time) Lord, *Praise be on his name* has recently celebrated the most holiest 37th anniversary of his birth in great style. I have heard rumour that in the great land of Scot they are considering a national day of celebration in our (Time) Lord's name. Should this become statute I think that I may have to return to my land of birth to work with the great unwashed of Glasgow. I would urge my sisters to join me so we may carry out our work to reach many more troubled souls.

However, I am concerned that our beloved is involving himself more and more with the female of the species on thy Beeb Welsh Wales pay roll. Great stories are being told that no female in the service of DW-Dom is safe from the 10". Indeed reports are that thousands are applying for positions at Beeb Welsh Wales in the hope of attending to the 10" , and that our beloved has gotten through a few letters of the alphabet; to date he has reached F. This could be bad if this behaviour were to continue. I urge you to pray, dear sisters, that soon he will see the error of his ways and practice abstinence.

Until Saturday.... May the 10" be constantly on your mind.


Friday, 18 April 2008

Happy Tennant Day

Happy Birthday to our (Time) Lord

We would like, on this holiest day of days, to give thanks and praise for our Lord's birth into the Land of Scots on 18 April 1971.

May he enjoy being 37 as much, if not more than, being 36 [but maybe he could rest the ten-inch now and again - just a suggestion :-) ]

Sisters, we will gather this evening in front of the altar with gifts of wine, chocolate and cake and praise the Lord as he has never been praised before.

Tennant Sisters

Sunday, 13 April 2008

Sisters of Pompeii


I trust you enjoyed our romp with our (Time) Lord *praise be his name* in Pompeii last night as much as I did. The sisterhood was quite right seeing the Blue Box as a temple, but incorrect in asserting that our Lord's weapon was harmless! Did they not realise it is a Weapon of Mass Orgasm.
I was on my knees in front of the 40" altar for 50 mins, Sonic in hand. Worship then continued on the taplop to marvel at the Lord in shorts and sunnies walking up the mountain *thud*
I shared luscious thoughts with Sister Virtue about what we might do with our Lord in the Roman baths and marvelled at his words of wisdom "the longer between eruptions the bigger the force when it finally pops" We look forward to his eruption popping in Stratford in November!
There are so many wonderful images of our Lord that it was difficult to pick which ones to share with the followers of the sisterhood. I hope the Lord guided me well in my choice.
Contemplate the Lord in peace this Sunday sisters.

Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Holy images

Sisters, I have received the above vision that I now share.

Notes from a small island

My Dear Sisters

I have returned from spreading the good word of our (Time) Lord *praise be* from distant lands. It seems that the great unwashed have been blessed with a bounty of Casanova, albeit in a foreign tongue (Italian). The sight of our (Time) Lord *praise be* in tight clothing more than made up for the loss of translation. I was truly saved as worship happened on Tuesday and again on Saturday evening, although the sermon had been aired on thy holy BBC transmitter some 2 years previously. Praise be to BBC Prime.

Since my return I have managed to savour the great feast twice and have witnessed the sermon from the Rossy. I have still to attend confidential confessions from the behind the scenes. I do believe that thy other great saviour RTD has also spoken his word to the flock.

I have also worshipped the new holy pictures that have appeared. At this point I should confess to you, sisters, that my thoughts were indeed impure, immoral and at one stage probably illegal. I am ashamed of myself (not) and shall consider a suitable punishment to fit the crime. Tomorrow I shall take myself into the wilderness and witness Learners. I beg you to pray for my perverted soul.

Until my remorseful return. I ask that you do not mock the cracked as they are the people who let the light in...


Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Are we nearly there yet?


Worship of the 10" has continued in fine form over the past two days despite my having to return to the wide world and earn some filthy lucre to support my dedication to the Lord.

My trainee sisters in the office have showered me with gifts of pictures and articles of our (time) Lord *praise be his name and 10"* which are now posted around the shrine that is my desk.

I also wish to thank Sister Virtue for liberating the pics at the top of this post!!

It seems a long time to wait until Saturday when we will be seen in all our Glory in Pompeii! I am beginning to be impatient *stamping feet clad in fuck me shoes*

The prospect of seeing our (time) Lord in sunnies and shorts climbing up Mt Vesuvius in DW confidential is something that is also exciting my imagination... and other parts of my anatomy too! I will surely (or is that sorely) need the use of a Sonic on Saturday night!

It is getting late now sisters and I must away to my bed and worshipful thoughts of David.

I will post again soon xxx

Sunday, 6 April 2008

Miraculous News!!!

Good Sisters - I have not yet recovered from the ceaseless worship of our (Time)Lord this weekend. I have had the most depraved thoughts about the (Time)Lord after witnessing his bountiful talents in DW yesterday - I must ask for your forgiveness in this matter.

I have confessed my sins at the 40" altar and hoped that our (Time)Lord heard my prayers - and Hallelujua! The (Time)Lord has answered - because, as you know, he has been cleansed of his Welsh companion and is now free to go forth and perve!

Praise be! This is indeed a miracle! He has listened to our prayers dear Sisters and will (hopefully) keep himself in his abstenance of companionship until November, when the Sisters of Pervitude shall descend upon Stratford and worship him as a (Time)Lord deserves.


Lord Almighty! - Sunday what a Sunday

This blog entry may be a rather long and rambly sisters, but I feel in shock and awe about what has happened over the last 15 hours!

Firstly, our Lord's first outing of the new DW series was beyond my wildest expectations. I lay myself at the feet of his Greatness. This episode bodes extremely well for the next 12 Saturday Sermons.

The Lord *praise be to the Teninch* entertained us royally, with his amazing acting and gorgeous sexiness. The Brown Suit was once again on show, coupled with both a stripy and a spotty tie. There were moments of pure wet bloomerage as well as those that made me laugh out loud. His running was *Thudworthy* and I screamed "Pick me!" at the TV when he said "I want a mate."

The eppy was followed by Confidential and the PURPLE shirt and soft ruffleable hair - O M F G. I feel that the purple shirt should indeed be compulsory uniform for all Sisters from now on!

So after all the worshipping at the 40" Altar all last night, I felt quite lightheaded this morning. To discover then on waking, that our Lord *praise be* no longer has a female companion came as a shocking revelation from the Good Book, the News of the World.

I have no doubt that the Sisterhood is fully ready to step into the breach and extend our worshipful duties any time we are required to do so. We have practised and rehearsed our duties over and over again for this moment. We stand ready, as we know the 10" also stands ready to receive our love and adoration.

David, you know where we are.....

Saturday, 5 April 2008

Waiting for the Lord

Less than one hour to go until the TimeLord once again graces our TV screens with his amazing prescence.

I shall post later tonight after I have worshipped at the altar of the small screen!

Friday, 4 April 2008

Join in our Friday Fuckfeast (sorry) Worship of the Lord 10"

Friday has arrived at last.

The wine is in the fridge, the chocolate ready to go and the batteries in our sonics are fully charged.

We have begun our Feast with a short clip on GMTV this morning, the second course will be along shortly in the form of David being interviewed on the Steve Wright show and the main course will be served by Jonathon Ross on a platter at 10.35pm.

I, for one, am ravenous having fasted since Xmas Day. I do hope that our Lord will fulfil my needs with either a dish full of velvetage or a waistcoat. My cup will floweth over should he provide both at one sitting!

Lifeboats on standby.

*Praise the mighty 10"*


Thursday, 3 April 2008

Temptation of the Flesh


I have tonight been tempted by the most amazing vision of our Time Lord *praise be to the 10"* from the new series of Doctor Who. How does this man get to be this SEXY? Those "fuck me" eyes just melt me into a pile of goo :P

I must confess that along with Sister Bernaholeinmyknickers, we have fallen into the most lustful thoughts of what we might do in worship of our Lord. These thoughts have included using the stripy tie, whipped cream and cherries. We have bathed with our Lord in an attempt to cleanse ourselves of these thoughts, but this does not seem to have worked.
We need to be punished hard by the 10" until we learn to be pious and moderate in all things.
Pray with us now dear Sisters:
"Come to us and in us dear (Time) Lord that we may be forgiven of our sinful ways."

Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Ah Sisters.....the countdown to ComeAgain-don has arrived! Praise be to the 10"! Only 2 more days til our (Time)Lord appears on Wossy - hopefully to flash his undercrackers at us again - and then the following day he graces our screens in DW. This series looks quite exciting - and by the sounds of things even we - the Sisters of Pervitude make an appearance! For in the 2nd eppy - our (Time)Lord and his companion (jammy bitch) visit Pompeii where they meet a sisterhood (with an albeit evil High Priestess).

We shall worship on this night with the communal wine and do penance of many lashes with the sonic in apologetic subservance to our (Time)Lord for the behaviour of the sisters in the Pompeii sect.

May the 10" be with you