Friday, 30 October 2009

...and the Lord did spake unto the Sisters

Sisters and Acolytes

I am sure that it cannot have escaped your notice that today marks the first day of the press junket which surrounds the appearance of the Waters of Mars on the 40" altar on 15 November 2009 at 7pm.

So it was that it came to pass that the Lord did appear to the world on the 40" Altar clad this very morn in a suit of finest grey stripes . He was free of stubble and looked fresh faced and relaxed in a room awash with floral tributes. He did speaketh to Penny of the Smiths and she did giggle and swoon like a wee girlie as properly befits a fangirl. He steadfastly remained tightlipped about the moment when he will ascend into the Heavens and be replaced by the Matty the Toddler - a time of mourning for the Sisters and a boom for Kleenex.

After taking his leave from the overcome Penny, He went from that place unto the screening of the Waters of Mars for the journos of her Majesties Gutter Press and TV where He deigned to speaketh to Colin (Mr Entertainment) Patterson from Aunty's little 5Live radio channel. He discussed many issues with the Lord including the housing arrangements of the mighty Russell T Davies, His recent visits to Hollyweird and where He will be spending xmas. It would seem that the issue of Xmas visitation rights are a topic of debate in the Tennant household at the moment (bearing in mind that 25 Dec is also the Child's birthday). The path of true love never runs more tricky than at Xmas time!!!

The Lord has apparantly also confessed today to be jealous of Matty the Toddler in his new role. I think this may have more to do with Matty having a sexier companion that the Lord ever did (sorry Billie, but Karen's skirt is wayyyyy shorter than anything you were ever given to wear) than the scripts!

May the junkets continue and may the pictures of the screening be many and varied in the coming days. The Sisters will be preparing for the 15th November in the usual manner - rubber sheeting, spare bloomers and extra large packet of minstrels. God Bless the Lord for it being shown on a Sunday night!

Until next time....Keeeeeep Drooooooling!!!

Tennant x

Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Glorious Teninch


The T'interweb is humming with news that the Lord has greeted the great unwashed of Londoom tonight at the premiere of his new Big Screen outing in 'Glorious 39'.

The after-premiere party has moved to the Lord's favourite eating house - The Ivy - which as we speak is no doubt besieged by paps looking for that perfect picture. Of course, the Sisters' perfect picture would be the Lord leaving on his own!

To whet the appetite here are a couple of nice ones from earlier on.

Tennant x

Saturday, 24 October 2009

Stop the Wedding!

Sisters and Acolytes

Winter is nigh! In the cold and dark of this Sunday morning, we mere mortals will attempt to tamper with the fabric of time and space itself in an attempt to gain an extra hour to perve our Lord *praise be his name and teninch* in the land of Nod. The time vortex that will be created around the world as we steal an extra hour of sleep will call the Lord forth in his Blue Box to the Sisters' 40" altar by Thursday this week. Once there, he will be called upon to assist his erstwhile companion Sarah Jane escape the clutches of the evil-doer Nigel Havers.

How many of us have dreamt of the day that we walk down the aisle clad in a gown of the purest white only to be whisked away at the very last moment by the Lord wearing a long "Hero" coat and Converses? What a wonderful premise for a piece of creative writing (hint hint Sister S). How pleased am I that Auntie Beeb has chosen this week of the blessed half term to broadcast the Lord in all his glory on the child-friendly spin-off from the Lord of Time's own show?

However, all is not well with the BBC. The Sisters were disappointed this week to hear that Children in Need will be the showcase for a trailer for the Lord's Christmas message to the nation. We were hoping for a live audience with the Lord *praise be his name and teninch* at the very least. The Sisters have been praying for some Davina-like shenanigans such as those delivered for Comic Relief earlier this year. Sadly, it seems this is not to be and we still need to wait a wee bit longer for the extra WOM Special for which the Beeb seems to have trouble finding a transmission slot.

So until SJA this week I will keep busy listening the Lord narrate Troubled Young Minds via the wondrous Iplayer and look out for tweets that confirm his return to this Blessed Isle from LALAland.

Tennant Sisters x

Wednesday, 21 October 2009

I am what I am

Sisters and Acolytes

This blog post started as a response to a comment on the previous post, but actually developed into a bit of a rant so I decided to make it a full post. It follows on from the anonymous comments we have been getting lately and a question posed to us.

Firstly to deal with the Anon posters, it seems we need to find a way to distinguish between our various "anonymous" readers (unless of course, we are dealing with a psychotic schizophrenic Troll addicted to blogging, who is clearly beyond the help of any Doctor!) I suggest we use the Cat in the Hat methodology that our enamoured Lord has shown he is so fond of. In this way the anonymous Troll becomes Thing 1 and the other anonymous poster becomes Thing 2. Sallee remains as Anon Sallee as she identified herself!

So in answer to Thing 2, I have been pondering your question whilst trying to restore peace to LAlaland today and I can truthfully say that I don't actually hate the Child. Certainly not in the way that I HATE the BNP for example, or sprouts for that matter.

My feelings for the Child, such as they are, are somewhat more complex than that. I have listed below some of the things that I find disturbing, annoying, disappointing etc to the degree that I feel the need to write about it here:

1) Her "talent" is over-rated and a cynic might think that she has seized an opportunity to use the Lord as a career boost and meal ticket.

2) The apparant ease by which she can leave her young son in the care of others while she jets off to enjoy a week playing in a family-oriented theme park with said Lord is abhorrent to me. I have a son the same age as hers and do not share her ideas about the responsibility of parenthood

3) Since the start of this relationship the Lord seems to have regressed from a man aged in his mid thirties to a teenager ruled by his nether regions rather than his brain. His career has suffered - one only has to look at the awards he has won since the relationship began compared to the previous 2 years...

4) The Lord's future career is suffering from his association with children. His peers do not seem to see him as serious dramatic actor (despite his previous roles in Recovery, Secret Smile and Hammy) his new offerings being St Trinians 2 and a Simon Pegg comic/drama. He is soooo much better than this.

With regards to why I write about her at all, well all i can say is that this IS a Blog. It is specifically a Blog about David Tennant, his lusciousness, his stubble, his predilictions, his foibles and his faults. The Child is very much a part of His life as much as his dog would be if he had one. We comment on his clothes, his chosen mode of transport and his choice of eating establishments. It is a stream of consciousness from the Sisters - the type of conversation we would have in a pub over a bottle or two of Pinot Grigio if we lived nearer to each other. To find Acolytes who want to be part of this conversation has increased the fun of the blog, but if we never had any followers we would still post.

I apologise to all for the seriousness of this blog post. I felt the need to commit all of the above to the esoteric T'interweb and get it out of my own personal headspace. I then have room for more perving with the imminent return of our Lord from across the Pond and the prospect of SJA in half-term which rather conveniently I have booked as leave!

Expect a more Sister-like Blogpost at the weekend.

Tennant for now

Sister C xxx

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Has the Lord declared a period of Purdah?

Dear Sisters

It seems that the Lord has gone into hiding this week as there have been no sightings of Him *praise be his name and ten-inch* since the Sisters commented on his freeloading and frequent attendance at Premieres on a school night.

There is talk that He may be in LALAland once again - racking up those debits against his carbon credits for driving a Toymota Penis.

There has also been a rumour that he will be starring with the Editor, Simon Pegg as a Victorian BodySnatcher. Leaves room for plenty of double entendres n'est-ce pas? I will make the most obvious comment - he can snatch my body (or body my snatch) anytime he likes!

So this is a short Blog this week as we await His return - maybe he will join the Scousers at the showing of the SJA adventures? Sister S - perhaps you can enlighten us?

On a final note, I would like to thank the Anonymous Troll - Not only am I its favourite apparantly (and you have NO idea of the talent that I truly possess) but since it chose to spew its bile on our pages we have increased our followers. As they say in The Business - all publicity is good publicity!!!

Tennant xxx

Friday, 2 October 2009

The Sisters Perform a Public Service

Sisters, Acolytes and T'interweb Followers (and the lovely FiatPanda!)

We have arrived in October and the Sisters have been reminiscing about a certain Hallowe'en weekend last year spent in the company of Our Lord *praise be his name and Teninch*. Personally I have purged from my memory an episode of public singing and the morning after effects of the very large Vodka poured by a fellow Sister. Apart from that however, memories of flouncy shirts, velveteen pants, red T shirts and tighty, whitey fencing tops are to the fore in our minds this month.

Almost a year on from our road trip to Stratford and the Sisterhood is still performing a public service in educating the unwashed of the weird wide web to the delights of our Lord and converting them to the Fellowship of Pervitude. Indeed, our public service role has been brought into sharp focus this week with the pleading of our tweeting acolytes to publicise some Lord Teninch related activities of their own. In a marked departure from the norm, the Sisters have conversed and agreed on this occasion to cede part of the blog over to the acolytes. So this is for them....

Fans of St Trinian's 2: The Legend of Fritton's Gold in United States are joining together to Demand that St Trinian's 2: The Legend of Fritton's Gold perform in United States. Click on the link to join the fray or just find out more

Hey David, Take Your Shirt Off! The Scottish actor David Tennant, best known for his role as the Tenth Doctor on the British sci-fi show, Doctor Who, is considered by fans the world over to be extremely talented, undoubtedly charismatic and very sexy! We, the undersigned, ask that Mr. David Tennant give serious consideration to the idea of having his highly aesthetically-pleasing physique photographed in a 'shirtless, jeans & barefoot' photoshoot for both posterity and the visual appeal of fans worldwide. Click here to pile on the pressure

OK that's your lot. Normal Service is resumed.

In the rest of the news this week. It is clear to the Sisters that the Lord has too much time on his hands as he has been living it up with the luvvies (and loving it up with the Child if Her Maj's Gutter Press are to be believed). He has been oot o'town with John Simm and Ricky Gervais at press nights and premieres. The Child was given special dispensation to stay up late on a school night to go see Speaking in Tongues. And judging by the pics above - she learnt her lessons well!

The Sisters wonder if the Lord has become so desperate for a job that he will soon be seen at every opening of an envelope or even maybe an appearance on Loose Women might be forthcoming. He is clearly concerned that unless he is seen at least 3 times a week in Londoom's West End he will be cast aside in the acting profession for a newer model (the Toddler? the Vamp? the speccy Wizard maybe?). We would like to reassure our Lord that our servitude will never wane and even when he is destitute and in the home for aged and befuddled thespians he can rely on our support and constant offers to come and sit by his bedside and *entertain* him.

I come to the end of this week's rambling, but I feel I cannot sign off without a thought for our Oirish Sister. We are missing her deeply and wish she would revisit the motherhouse as we feel certain that a tall scottish skinny Lord can heal her woes and return her to her former glory. Our prayers are with you Sister.

Tennant x