Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Much Ado about a Uniform, Hairy Legs and some Dad Dancing

Yes Sisters, Acolytes and sundry pervers Our Lord *praise be his name and ten-inch* has been previewing his new masterpiece upon the boards of Londoom's most prestigious West End. 

There has been some fandom leakage of the details and those who are of a disposition to avoid "spoilers" need to stop reading NOW! 

For the rest of us sane fangirls, some of the more salubrious details to emerge include David first costume being a Richard Gere - type white naval uniform, not unlike the one below photo-shopped by an enterprising twitterer

Following this entrance, he then proceeds to cause hearts to race faster by taking to that most British of acting stand-bys namely, drag. Showing his delightfully hairy legs to their best advantage in a small miniskirt with a packet of fags tucked into his garter, he seems oblivious to the mayhem he is causing to the female population! 

He finishes off this Sister's favourite Lad dream by dancing to Hey Nonny Nonny in his best "drunk dad at a wedding" way. There is video evidence of this on Youtube for those who like to search for such riches amongst the dung heap of kids falling off bikes and american motivational speakers talking crap! 

The Sisters will of course, provide a full and frank blow by blow account of the whole experience following their sacred pilgrimage to the West End Altar on 23rd July. Just in case we miss anything the first time around, we will also be observing His Greatness at both matinee and evensong in August. The Sisters are meeting up in Miseryside this Holiday of Bank to plan the stalking routes. 

On a sad note, the DT Forum, where the Sisters were born and raised is closing tomorrow (due to the personal issues of Jack and Sarah - no super-injunction involved I'm sure - but one wonders whether a Child might have had a hand in it?) 

The Sisters would like to wish everyone from the forum well and just add that David Tennant is ENGAGED to Georgia Moffett and has had a baby called Olive. They live in West London and he drives a Toy Motor Prius! No more Rule 1 breaches!! 

Tennant till next time :)

Post Script

The following images of the Lord amidst the great unwashed were liberated from t'interweb. Look out for the dimple and tongue - God Bless Him