Thursday, 28 January 2010

Busy doing nothing....

Our Lord *praise be his name and Ten-inch* seems to be keeping himself busy doing good deeds and charity work whilst waiting for his call -up from the Colonies.

On Tuesday this week he was to be seen breaking bread and sharing a cup with the needy of the media world at the David Tennant Covers party - sorry I mean the Radio Times Covers Party. He was seen comforting the likes of Jimmy Nesbitt, Graham Norton and Ben Miller with the promise that Doctor Who will no longer grace the front of the RT for fear that the Toddler might scare the kiddies and if Amy were on the front in her belt that body doubles for a skirt, the magazine would need to be placed on the top shelf. We are not sure what was added to his beverage at the event but it had a strange effect on his facial expressions! This was likely to be a clear attempt at sabotage from the more beauty-challenged z list slebs at the party. We also noted with pleasure that Phil Collinson had descended from the Frozen North to attend the soiree. (there is no need to comment who else was there - the pictures were posted in the Holy Book of Sun two days running!)

It seems the Lord may have taken his charitable work a little too far and given nearly all his clothing to the homeless of our fair capital city. Earlier today he was seen lending a hand (and a few bob maybe) to the poor disheartened souls of the Party of the Common Man (and woman). As you can see from the pics he does not appear to have changed his shirt since Tuesday. Perhaps he is broke and has auctioned his attire on a well known internet bargain finding site in order to pay next term's school fees? Maybe Sister Shagwell has finally succumbed to her inner darkest thoughts and nicked them all? Maybe someone on the weird wide wonderweb knows the truth...

The Sisters have heard a rumour that Tosser is down with the flu and the dynamic duo may be in the seat for his Radio 2 show on Saturday. This has not been confirmed, but as the Lord has nothing better to do....

Till the next time Sisters

Tennant x

Thursday, 21 January 2010

The Time God is victorious!

Sisters, Acolytes and Followers

Well, what visions we have had of the Lord this week. This Sister has been o'ercome with joy and lustful thoughts brought on by delicious and varied combinations of beard, neck porn and velvet.

Our Lord *praise be his name and teninch* began this pervfest by braving the arctic conditions which nearly brought the country to its knees barely a week ago and venturing out amongst the great unwashed of the West End. Channelling John *sing me a song* Barrowman, He sat amongst his fellow luvvies at the Gala Opening of the Legally (I'm shagging a) Blonde Musical starring the fabulous Sheridan Smith and the former Time Lord and prospective dad-in-law, Peter *I've had xmas dinner with DT* Davison.

New bloomerage was required when the pictures emerged and the Sisters discovered that the Lord's visage was clad in more than designer stubble. Many theories were espoused as to why the beard had emerged including - insulation to keep him warm in the snow; a disguise to keep the more rampant fangirls away; and preparation for a part in  The Hairy Bikers. The Sisters, of course, know the truth. The beard returned because the Lord is first and foremost a Man and therefore too damn lazy to shave everyday if he doesn't actually have to. Some days he doesnt even change out of his pyjama bottoms. Not that the Sisters would complain about seeing that vision buying milk in his local Sainsburys ;)

And so to the main event. The Lord once more graced the National Ten-inch Television Awards yestereve. The lucky Black Velvet DJ was on show, teamed with a currently favoured black shirt this year. He clearly listened to the Sisters and left the albatross at home, so the Sisters were sure that the awards had his name on them.  Unbeknown to us, the Lord had been chosen to present an award to Sir Stephen of the Fry - a moment to be savoured - brains and beauty on the stage at the same time.

Of course, the Lord's adoring public had voted in their thousands to ensure that Doctor Who and the Lord of Pervitude *praise be his name and Ten-inch* were duly awarded their rightful statuettes. The hormonal harridans however, stole the award destined for Captain Slow and the TG boys. I think those Loose Women should look twice before crossing roads in the coming months.

The Lord seemed on particularly good form throughout the proceedings, enjoying a night off the leash. A mischievious look in his eye perhaps betrayed the fact that there had been much quaffing of cherryade in the green room. There was more quaffing at the after show party where, it was reported, Sir Bernard Cribbins congoed many young lovelies in the direction of the Lord. What time the Lord departed Greenwich and which particular lovely caught the attention of the ten-inch remains a closely guarded secret, but as you can see from the last picture... he was worn out the today!

And so I close with some news which was also imparted yestereve. The Lord has withdrawn his services from the little Simon Pegg tale of graverobbers. What this news portends remains clouded in supposition. Has he received a better offer, is NBC holding him to ransom, is he taking over from Wossy at auntie Beeb?Only Smarties have the answer! The rest of the fandom will just have to wait and see.

Till the next post Sisters!

Tennant x

Sunday, 10 January 2010

In The Year of our Lord 2010

Dear Sisters, Acolytes and Followers

And so we start another year of the Sisters' blog. A year of uncertainty as to what our Lord *praise be his name and ten-inch* has up his most glorious sleeve and when and where we might see him next; a year of excitement rather than predictability; a year of expectation and anticipation. The Sisters are most looking forward to discovering where the Lord's new found freedom from taking care of the space/time continuum might take him both prefessionally and personally.

The Lord has begun the year by taking this new freedom and using it to preach to the great unwashed via that well-known geek bible *Doctor Who Magazine* The magazine is clearly purchased alongside their top shelf reading matter by some of the journos of Her Majesty's Gutter Press as the more red RedTops jumped on the bandwagon and republished his left of centre thoughts about Gordon being clever and Cameron only looking good in a suit! It was noted by the Sisters that the Holy Book of Sun (who have jumped ship in favour of the Tories) did not mention the Lord's words of wisdom!

The Sisters praise the Lord for his steadfast support of the Labour Party in the face of all those liberal luvvies. We do not condemn him for being a Champagne Socialist - He really can't help liking the pink fizzy stuff that Richard *I don't believe it* Wilson introduced him to at such a tender age. We have learned via the tweeting Thunderer journo that he was at a luvvie party on Friday night and fiercely campaigning on behalf of Gordon et al to all who would stand still long enough to listen to him. The Sisters wonder whether his next role will be Labour Election Campaign Front Man? Will we be seeing him on the 40" altar in this year's election broadcasts as he was in 2005? Let's hope so!

In this in-depth interview with the Lord in the blessed DWM, the Lord also speaketh unto the great unwashed on the T'interweb. He has requested that the hopes of the Child are not raised by those who sing her acting praises simply due to her proximity to the Lord as it's not nice when reality bites. Bless! The Sisters will of course assist the Lord in managing the behaviour of the Child by always telling it like it is. He would expect nothing less of us.

Late breaking news has reached the Sisters just as this post was going print that the cigar chewing executives of the Colonies little NBC channel have now witnessed the Lord's greatness in the Rex pilot and indeed commissioned a full series. So the Lord will shortly be jetting off to LALA land for some lengthy period of time. Time, we hope, that the Lord will put to good use *wink*.

One final call to arms Sisters, acolytes and followers, please do not forget to cast your vote for your Lord at the National Ten-inch Awards  ( We expect to see the Ten-inch up on the stage dressed in a tux receiving the accolades which are long overdue!

Till the next post!

Tennant x

Saturday, 2 January 2010

2010 - The Lord moves on...

Dear Sisters, Acolytes and followers

Our (Time)Lord Ten *praise be his name and Tenninch* has finally passed the keys of the rusty Tardis to the toddler and is moving on. We thank him for the years of alien fighting, weekly magazine articles, full size posters and bendy action figures. Life will be different without seeing his face on cakes in Tesco and underpants in Asda, but the Sisters will survive.

We will follow his every step up the ladder towards that immortal accolade that all actors desire - an Oscar and a lifetime acheivement award at the BAFTAs. We will continue to faithfully report his deeds and misdeeds for the entertainment of ourselves and others. News of the Lord may be hard to come by this year as he sojourns in LA trying to conquer Hollyweird, but armed with our T'interweb followers across the Pond I am sure that he will not escape our sight for too long.

Keep the faith in 2010, I have consulted the Oracle and the Lord will returneth to the Sisters' bosoms by the end of this year. Do not believe the members of Her Majesties Gutter Press - they spread lies and misinformation and are in the pay of the Child and her snake of a father.

Normal Blog Service should return on Sunday 10th January - once this Sister has commiserated her birthday with a very large bottle of Baileys.

Tennant 2010 x