Saturday, 28 February 2009

The Lord readeth the lesson this week


The Lord has graced us with a reading from the most sacred text of the Bard himself this weekend.

May I suggest that all Sisters and Acolytes and anyone of a nervous disposition should remove shoes, loosen tight clothing and divest themselves of bloomers before listening to this work of such beauty from our Lord *praise be his name and teninch*

There is little left to say except OMFG!!!

Tennant Sisters

Ancient Vision...

T'other side certainly has it's uses...for today I have come across a glorious sight... Our Lord papped over 10 years ago. Yes, he may well resemble George Harrison, but I think you will agree Sisters this picture is still Wet Bloomer-worthy.

I am now off to serve various ales and spirits as a Maid of the Bar in my local public house but shall take this wonderous vision away with me.

Worship, Sisters.


Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Temptation of the Ten-Inch

Dear Sisters, Acolytes and all followers in pervitude

Carole has sent the Sisters the following picture which appeared some while ago now when the Time Lord *praise be his name and 10"* took to the beach. We will gloss over the 'who' accompanied Him and concentrate soley on the vision which beheld the other sun-worshippers that glorious day.

We can see that the Lord is relaxed as he is comfortable in his unshaven state - giving Sister Shagwell the shivers with his stubble. His hair does not appear to have seen a comb yet this morn and he bestows upon his perving public a glimpse of what his bedhead must look like first thing in the morn.

We see his chest has a manly covering of fur (but not too much as to make him gorrilla-like) for us to entwine our fingers in when cuddling up to. And of course, how could a study of the body of the Lord not include that appendectomy scar from when the men with scalpels dared cut into our Lord and remove a sacred piece of flesh.

The short cloth of blue doth hide the most favoured part of the Lord - the most reverent ten-inch - from our eyes. This is a necessary precaution for those non-believers of a nervous disposition and the kiddies who may be shocked by the revelation inside those shorts. Just a tug on the string would probably do the trick!

(For those of us Sisters and Acolytes made of stronger stuff, Sister Berny posted the 10" unclothed pic a few weeks ago! - The Lord bless her and keep her)

And so this Pancake Tuesday is designated Temptation Day. I have already shared a virtual pancake or two with Sister S... she took hers with hot choc sauce, ice cream and hot naked Lord. I can think of nothing better!

Enjoy your pancakes Sisters.... but enjoy the Lord more.

Tennant x

Friday, 13 February 2009

Hell and Damnation

Sisters et al,

The Lord has chosen to test my faith this week. I hope that I did well in my dealing with the series of trials and tribulations that he sent to me over the last days. If more trials continue into next week, I will know that I am not yet the complete Sister of Pervitude that the Lord wants of me. On the other hand, if the trials cease and my world returns to some semblance of normality, I will know that I have passed and lived up to his high expectations of the Sisterhood. I will be several steps nearer to having the Lord reward me in person for my faithfulness and fortitude. In celebration, I swear that I shall be a faithful sister and perve the Lord for 2 hours every evening and all day Saturdays and Sundays.

I must confess that there were times in the last week that I wondered if the Lord *praise be his name and 10"* had abandoned me. Perhaps in his sojourn in Dubai he had become distracted by the sight of the deadender in a bikini and could no longer hear my worship... maybe he was too busy building sandcastles with the Child... Whatever the cause, i am hoping that he returns his attention back to the Sisterhood with all indecent haste and eases my current troubles.

Until next week sisters.... may all your troubles be 10" ones...

Tennant x

The 10" Goes a travelling...

I was searching T'other side this evening after wise words from Sister Chastity that pics of The Lad in Dubai had surfaced. And, behold what wonders have appeared!! With my spatula in hand I perused the visions on screen with growing pleasure...and dampening bloomers. The fact that The Deadender also features did not put me off, nor should it you, Sisters. Praise be to The Lord our 10".

Worship, Sisters,


Thursday, 12 February 2009

Silence is Golden...

It's been a very quiet week on The Lad front....yet I have used this time to reflect and concentrate on my duties to the Sisterhood. I have been scavving for yet more wonderous visions of The Lad and have watched nearly all of Series 4 of the Lord Of Times adventures... having to replace many a pair of destroyed bloomers along the way. I hope I am pleasing my fellow Sisters, who I have the upmost respect for. The Sisterhood and all our worshipping of The Lord our 10" has been my way of life for so long now... and will continue to be until I leave this mortal coil. Thanks Sisters, for thinking me worthy of the promotion from Novice to Sister.

Praise be to the 10",


Monday, 9 February 2009

A warm welcome from the Silent Sister

Greetings Acolytes and fellow Sisters!

May I extend warmest wishes from the Altar of the 10"! I have been negligent in my blogging in recent times as I am still recovering from meeting and speaking to our Great Lord 10" back in November. I seem to have spent many days since in dutiful contemplation of this great vision, which generally results in my needing to spend more time in confession for my sinful thoughts ( and usually ends with a spatula being required). It is heartening indeed to find so many fellow worshippers falling at the feet of our Lord (and probably doing pervy things to them!).

I hope to post further musings (and admissions regarding what goes on behind the altar when noone is looking!) in due course. I have included the picture of our Lord 10" in all his glory in particular for Acolyte Jealousy as I gather, she too is quite fond of gazing at the Lord in the altogether (an acolyte after my own heart!). Let us pray that he grants us newer (and closer up) visions such as this in the future.

Praise be the 10"

Today I have been disciplined...

Today, at my place of work, I was told it was frowned upon to have a pic of the Lord our 10" on my locker as it is deemed inappropiate and unnecessary by the manager of our district. Am I not allowed to share my religious views with the world? Should I be held in the minority because I worship a man who can make even the sturdiest woman's bloomers explode? I of course took the poster down, only to replace it as soon as the ignorant manager had left. No-one is going to tell me what I can and can't do where the Lad is concerned! I take my vows to the Sisterhood very seriously and whereas my manager of shop Iain of Habberley says I really should do my perving in private, I for one want to share it with the world... as The Lord our 10" once said; 'we are loonies and we are proud! I had to share my plight with my fellow Sisters. I include in this post the offending picture.

Tennant. x

Sunday, 8 February 2009

A Warm Welcome to the Sisterhood

To all Acolytes
I have noticed that we have had a number of new Acolytes join in the last few weeks, so I thought it about time that we held another induction/initiation ceremony to formally welcome you into the Sisterhood.

Firstly some formal introductions:
Sister Shagwell and Sister Chastity: The Sisters of the Inner Sanctum. We live to serve the (Time) Lord *praise be his name and 10"* and cater to his every need.

Sister S's special concern is Stubble (as witnessed by the top picture) whilst Sister Chastity specialises in Stripes (because stripes are the new spots)!

Sister Berny: Our oirish Sister has recently taken a vow of silence to further her meditative state. She is the purveyor of Sisterhood Spatulas and frequently needs to use them to prise herself off the floor. The Sister has a preference for the 10" to be unclothed on stage.

Sister Toblerone (nee Novice Strumpet): Sister T is the newest Sister into the Holy Order having constantly nagged the three older Sisters to let her join the ranks. Sister T is still in her probationary period and is being watched carefully for any breaking of her vows and signs of her past allegiance to bands of male youth such as the 'Loife Boys. Sister T often has difficulty making decisions and requires the guidance of the other Sisters to choose between Blackpool, Secret Smile or Doctor Who.

And so from Induction to Initiation: As Acolytes, there are some Holy orders that you need to be aware of:

1) Perving the Lord 10" for a minimum of an hour each day is a requirement to maintain your acolyte status!

Actually.... Perving the Lord 10" is pretty much the Holiest of Orders around here!!!

Also please note that at present we have no openings for Novices. The post of novice is being help open in case Sister Toblerlone does not pass her probation and gets de-frocked back to the lower rank in the future!

Finally then, we extend a warm welcome to all current and future Acolytes and may the Lord *praise be his name and 10"* bless you and keep you and may he bestow is wondrous gifts upon each and every one of us.

Tennant x

Sunday is a day for scavving...

...and I have scavved today with the best of them!! I am pleased to share my finds with the of Our Lord, the 10". Some you may have witnessed before...others you may not. But please worship His greatness.

Godspeed, Sisters.


Saturday, 7 February 2009

I'm spreading the word...

As a proud Sister of Pervitude I would like the Sisterhood to know I am now on Twitter...where my followers are increasing by the day. I feature this blog and promise to spread the good word of the Lad.... praise be to the 10". Please follow me too Sisters and everyone else- my alias is Liza Carlisle.

Thanks, Sisters.


My Week of Hell

Well Sisters and others,

What a week I have had. The South - West which normally doesnt see any white stuff for decades at a time has come to resemble Switzerland this year and driving to work and back has been equivalent to climbing the Mattahorn every day.

My only solace has been my pervy thoughts of being stranded in the snow with the Lord *praise be his name and 10"* next to me in the front seat of the car. I feel sure that given the opportunity we could have found something to do which would both have passed the time and kept us warm!

Other news this week is that Sister S has celebrated a birthday this week and has been blessed as the Lord has taken up residence in her bedroom. He is allowed in the front room from time to time, but has a tendancy to scare the neighbours. Sister Berny trusts that he has been made welcome and is not too soggy yet! I'm afraid I was remiss Sister S and forgot your important day... however I have purchased an item which might make up for it, if I can dig my way to a post office.

Finally, I would like to bless Sister S for her tenacious scavvying and her discovery of this long lost pic from Billie the Piper's wedding. T'is a beauty.

I will sign off now as my new Dell taplop still needs some further work to make it a true instrument of the Sisterhood!

Tennnant x

Sunday, 1 February 2009

Sister C goes forth to spread the word

Dearly Perverted

Let us pray for the soiled soul of dear Sister C, who will be indoctrinated into the mysterious world known as Local Authority where she will begin her tireless work to reform the workforce using the might of the Lord 10" (praise be upon his name and 10"). It is hoped that Sister C has now cleansed her soul after the weekend celebration being dis-connexted, and that the local hostelry has now re-stocked the cellar. We did hear a whisper that miracles had indeed happend; the Princess of Darkness had stumbled across her "housewifely" gene and tidied up. It was either that or Sister C has a tidy up fairy living in her Tardis!
Meanwhile, across at said LA , plans have been made to receive our Sister, however we have learnt that she is taking some holy visions of our beloved with her to sit upon the desk of power as well as files to be stored upon the taplop should periods of stress present themselves. I am certain that at the end of induction the Lord's name will have been mentioned and clear instruction given that any form of "dissing" will be punishable by pain of death or being made to ride in the devil's chariot.
All in all, faithful reader, this is a good move for LA . The holy word of our Lord 10" (praise be upon his name and 10") can be preached to more of the great unwashed. This will be made easier as our beloved has taken to wearing red rubber balls upon his nose. We can only be thankful that this accessory is temporary due to the worthwhile charitable cause that he so rightly endorses. The sisters will also be donning their own red noses during the week of giving that coincides with said worthy cause. We are concerned that our love does not leave the child alone with said red object for fear that she may try to eat it thinking it is a smartie. Then again...
As a reward for joining the ranks of hell, aka LA Officers, I hereby award Sister C a big threatening red nose!

Tennant x

Day of the Red Nose- new pics have surfaced!

It is truly a great day to be a member of the Sisterhood when I have such wonderous and new sights to bestow upon my fellow pervers. I have come across yet more pics of the Lord our 10" playing around with red balls and striking poses which has left many of us not worthy of the greatness that is The Lad.

Worship, Sisters.