Wednesday, 28 September 2011

"Open Wide" !!!

Dear Sisters et al

Having just spied the above image of loveliness on the world weird t'interweb I had a sudden urge to.... well never mind what I had the urge to do.... my second thought was that I needed to post said bounty on the blog for all to perve peruse. I particularly love his *oh god the fangirls are after me again* face, but to be quite honest David, if you will sit with your legs spread like that in tight 501s we cannot be held responsible for our actions!

I am sure that I am not the only one to have spotted a pattern recently when our Lord *praise be his name and Ten-inch* has found himself seated in what can only be described as compromising positions. 

Here is a further example from his recent stage appearance in MAAN:

...and lookie here, one from Hamlet:

...and Loves Labours Lost

I think I've made the point...*ahem*

Whether this is the Director of the various entertainment pieces requiring our Lord to show his "best side"  or whether it is indeed a predilection of the Lord for sitting in positions which give the Ten-inch more room for manoeuvre is a moot point. What we can safely say is that it adds a little frisson to all his stage and screen appearances as we wait for the "legs akimbo" stance to appear! 

So we understandably wait in great anticipation for his newest outing for Auntie Beeb. There has been plenty of excitement over the last two weeks in the much maligned seaside town of Margate, down there on the South East coast. We don't know whether the Lord rolled up his trouser legs and paddled in the North Sea (*brrrr*) but we do know that he has been filming in the Council Offices and in the local parks and quayside, and *allegedly* has spent some time socially and work-wise with Ms Billie of the Piper. He has also been captured by the long lens of a pap/fan having a relaxing moment on a park bench with his leading lady of the moment Lacey Turner. Wonder if he was finding out who he needs to sleep with to get a regular job on Eastbenders... 

Enjoy The View!!

Tennant xxx