Thursday, 27 May 2010

Bye Bye May...

Dear Sisters, Acolytes and Followers

May has been a time of turmoil and troubles for the Sisters and hence we apologise for the lack of blogs. It is good to see the end of this month which has seen the satanic marriage of Dave and Nick resulting in chaos in local LALAland services for the wee ones. You will be pleased to hear that the Sisters are rounding off this month of mayhem with a pilgrimage to Welsh Wales. We will be paying homage to the Teninch at the exhibition of all things Who and smashing any craven images of the Child which we stumble upon.

We thank all the Acolytes for babysitting the kiddies in our absence and reward you with the lovely visions above.

Talking of lovely visions, I pushed the on-button on my 40" altar last eve to hear the voice of our Lord *praise be his name and teninch* pontificating about the phenomenon that is Harry Potter. Turning around at the sound of his dulcet glasgweigan drawl, Hallelujah! There he was in all his glory, sitting on the stairs, looking for all the world like a little boy kept out of the grown-ups party in the living room. Perhaps he had just put the Child to bed and was waiting for her to stop crying prior to joining the adults for the rest of the evening!

We are pleased to see the Lord seems to be filling his diary for the next few months with filming committments. We notice that his co-stars are becoming ever-more glamourous: Suranne Jones >>> Alice Eve >>> Thandie Newton. The Teninch must be in hogs heaven surrounded by such beauty and talent and should be very perky on set. We wouldnt be surprised to find some extra-curriculum activity occurring over the hot summer months - the Lord is away from home... the Teninch restless... the evenings are balmy... the pink champagne slips down... Beverley Craven is playing on the stereo... Need I continue?

Leaving you with that image... I will bid you all farewell until we returneth from Caerdydd.

Tennant be with you now and forever