Monday, 29 December 2008

...and so the end of 2008 is in sight....


This is a time of reviewing the year about to pass and look forward to a New one coming.

2008 has been a special year as it saw the creation of the Gutter Girls out of the now infamous "Duvet Thread". 3 months later, from within the Gutter, was born the Sisterhood themselves.

Together with our (time) Lord *praise be his name and 10"* we have traversed the universe saving the Royals from Kylie; UNIT from the Sontarans and the whole planet Earth from the Daleks. We have been treated to a naked Doctor (well from the chest up!), a happy doctor, a dangerous doctor and a sad doctor. We have blown up Pompeii; freed the OOD and taken tea with Agatha Christie.

Sadly, we have NOT had any new Hiccup and Toothless to entertain us this year (we need to wait until March for that treat), but we did have David interviewing Richard Wilson and discussing tapeworms, banjos and Doctor Who action figures!!

In the theatre the Lord has taken the Bard by the throat and shaken him thoroughly. The Sisters have all been treated to Hammy and Berowne and (all but Sister Shagwell) have been graced by the Lord's audience at the stage door. *Toblerone* will never look the same again ;) will it Novice?

The Lord himself has had a varied year with the ladies. The Midget, Welsh Sheep Shagger and Gremlin have all let him slip through their sticky mitts. The Child seems to have a better grasp of the Lord, but we are sure that he has recently greased her fingers and she cannot hold on much longer. New Year, New House, New Job, New iPhone - the Lord simply needs a new gf and he has the complete set.

...And so to the future... 2009
We have plenty to look forward to in 2009. Prayers will be answered for the Lord to return to the stage and play Hammy on 6 January. Being his final week, I feel sure that he will grant us a special audience at the stage door and sign more than our programmes! *puppies at the ready Sister S*

We have 4 Specials with the timeLord before he finally leaves the 40" altar in this incarnation. There should be plenty of visions of the Lord in Cardiff between now and May to keep the Sisters happy. Lifeboats at the ready!

I am sure the BBC have plenty of things to keep the Lad off the streets after his stint as the Doctor is finished. Suggestions from the Sisters include: Blackpool 2 - the Karma Sutra Northern Style; Casanova - the uncut version; Doctor Who - the musical; Any Shag will Do or I'd Shag Anything - hosted by John B where the Lad is auditioning women to be his new gf (no children eligible to apply).

The Sisters will ceaselessly preach the Word of the (time)Lord to the great unwashed of the world during 2009 and new Acolytes will continue to be welcome to worship the Lord Ten-inch at the Sisters of Pervitude Blog.
The Lord bless all in pervitude.

Tennant xxx


Sister Shagwell said...

And a happy new year to all!

Sisters and assorted perves - indeed a year has passed and much has happend in the name of our Lord 10".

The Sisterhood made the journey to Shakeyland to hear our love speak the words of Ol' Billy boy, and he was bloody good! We now await further news that he will once more tread the stage in Londoom for the final week and that Sister C and myself may worship before him - and I can be granted audience.

Overall our Lord has had another successful year. Many awards deservedly bestowed upon his greatness - apart from that Greenest Celeb thing! Rave reviews for Hammy and LLL, E&E and another great FNP where our love chose to stand before the nation in his undercrackers, shrouding the 10"! At this point the sisters were in need of oxygen and the need to confess - LOUDLY!

On the downside, our Lord is still harbouring desires for young flesh - while the sisters do not wish to comment too much, we do strongly feel that the CHILD should be replaced with a WOMAN. We still debate what on this good earth they have in common????? All we can say is that she must be something!

We are continuing to pray that the back injury will soon be in the past and that once more He shall be bounding around.

As we move into 2009 I pray that you all are happy and healthy and have good fortune.

To all our friends who have sent us Good Luck for did f**k all. So for 2009, please send either money, Vodka or vouchers - but not Woolworths ones!

Wishing you all a HAPPY HOGMANAY!

Tennant x

Acolyte Mia said...

Sisters all, let me hear an "amen"!

From this side of the pond, we have much to be grateful for in 2008...both from our Lord (our journey to the thrust stage did not disappoint, and his potential ignoring of children gives Sisters, Novices, and Acolytes all great hope)... and from our populace (finally again electing a grown up into the highest position in our land who can actually string together a complete sentance, including proper placement of prepositions).

We wait with bated breath our own opportunity to worship at the 40" alter our Lord in his Christmas petition the BBC to send it to our shores quickly as there is a deep depression and withdrawal without his constant presence.

A most happy new year to all sisters everywhere...I'm off to do penance with Casanova...