Monday, 26 January 2009

Wonderous visions...

I was happily doing my duty to the Sisterhood last eve when I came across these rare and sensuous sights... Our Lord the 10" (praise be) in a play he starred in back in the year of our 10" 2005- Look back in anger. I had to share my finds with the Sisterhood...and what finds they are! (Apologies in advance for any Wet Bloomerage.)
Enjoy and worship, Sisters.


Anonymous said...

OH MY!!!
Forgive me Sisters...change of bloomerage needed!

Anonymous said...

Too bad the Time Lord did not retain that sweater for daily wear.

Sebrina said...

Dear Sisters and fellow Followers:
The Lord may not have retained the sweater but it seems he may have kept the PJ's I have a picture of him outside the courtyard theatre and I am sure the 'shirt' that he is wearing is in fact the top from these photo's. I wish that I could save the photos somewhere for you to see but unfortunately I am not a member of any site that allows me to do this. I have however lent some of them to my sister who is selling her signed program from Hamlet on ebay (sorry I couldn't stop her, what can I say she doesn't fancy him, she has no taste) so maybe you can have a look at that and see what I mean.
PS does anyone have a place where we can buy spatulas and bloomers in bulk, cause if you sisters keep uploading these wonderful photos I am going to go bankrupt buying new ones!

Anonymous said...

I would happily wish to find myself in the postion as the last photo...damn that Child of Moffatt!

Sarah said...

MoffAt ??
Oh yeah, i see what you mean : "Oh please please David, don't go !!! This sutpid teenager can't even read my beautiful scripts !! I NEED you for series 5 !!!"
sorry.. couldn't help it...

by the way, this is the hottest hole in the hottest sweater on the hottest guy i've ever ever seen... *sigh*

Sister Chastity said...

The Lord does seem to *recycle* the clothes that he doth act in. I have pics of stage door in Stratford where he is wearing a Brendon Block shirt.

Ere long I shall post for your delictation - The Lord decress that 2009 is the year of the Stripy Shirt!

With regards to bulk purchase of necessary equipment, perhaps the Sisters could start a new business SOP'R'US to assist acolytes in their plight!

Orders on a postcard please!

Tennant x