Tuesday, 21 September 2010

In atonement for my sins

Dear Sisters and Acolytes,

I have been remiss of my pervitudely duties lately and need to beg the forgiveness from my fellow sisters and acolyte followers of this meagre attempt at communicating with the perving masses. Not only have I not put fingers to keyboard in weeks except in toil and twittering, I have been unfaithful to the Lord in the shape of a shirtless Bradley James (Prince Arthur) on the past two sabbath eves.

I have no excuses with which to temper my sinful behaviour, I have simply been idle in the times between bouts of toil in the land of *cut, cut and cut again* and have taken solace in the visions of a younger, blonder manchild. I trust when the Lord returns to the 40" altar next month, he will cleanse my soul and wash away all thoughts of such young, smooth flesh and I will be reborn into his glorious service. 

I will take such punishment as the Sisters deem fit for these sins and await my fate stoically and with some perverse excitement.

In the meantime, in the world of our Lord *praise be his name and Ten-inch* excitement is building for Single Father following a successful showing to the great and the good of our British goggle-box industry. Auntie Beeb is being curiously reticent about publicising this worthy work of our Lord. As yet, no trailers have been seen across the network, and an airdate has still to be confirmed. Let's hope that the full marketing machinery of the BBC is behind this drama and the Lord takes to plugging it at every available opportunity - breakfast tv, the one show, richard and judy...OK maybe not R&J!

Also sneaked out is a publicity shot for Peter Vincent in Fright Night. What a turn-up! Little did we know that Ghost of Christmas Present would indeed be a blueprint for a gothic magician vampire hunter! Little more needs to said about this ... fangirls must do what fangirls must do when presented with a picture like that!

I hope that I have made some small atonement for my sins of the past few weeks and await my cleansing by the Lord.


Addendum dated 23rd of this month of September

Sisters and Followers, it seems I have been depriving you all of visions of the Lord which have been released on the t'interweb. I understand that the need for these craven images is great in the sisterhood so sparsely has our Lord graced the lens of cameras recently. I am further informed that this very day the gracious souls of the BBC press office wilst release the first date whenst the Lord's creation Single Father will be let loose to fly over the airwaves and onto the 40" altars in our domestic living quarters. Such date will be revered and rejoiced upon by all in the Sisterhood and we must commence our plans for the Mass of Jubilation which will be performed on the eve of such a momentus event. In honour of this day, please feast your oculatory organs on the beauties below. Several of these I believe were lovingly constructed by a fellow devotee on a certain social networking site - may the TimeLord bless her and keep her Photoshop in pristine order.

Tennant x


Anonymous said...

Sister, it is quite understandable that your thoughts might stray whilst our lord (bless his glorious teninch) toils in the outposts of the American southwest. A viewing of selected scenes from Blackpool, Casanova and Secret Smile should be sufficient to return you in good stead to the fold. I'm certain you will know of which scenes I speak.

Acolyte Bobbi of the Lone Star

babeonwheels said...

The recent pics from Single Father and Seduff's reworkings of the Peter Vincent pics have helped me over the long hiatus...

Not to mention viewings of Doctor Who, Blackpool, WDYTYA? and Secret Smile! :)

Anonymous said...

Dont worry sister its only to fill in a temporary space whilst the Lord is away. Soon he will return to our screens and all others will be forgotten!
Juliet x

Anonymous said...

don,t worrie sis i forgive you. i miss the lord too, (praise be his name and ten ) i miss him too sis:(

Anonymous said...

Reverend Sister Chastity, your confession hast moved me greatly and I honour you for making it. I am myself now so totally unacquainted with the world, the flesh and Devil - not since I gave myself up to holy pervitude of Our Blessed Time Lord, David << all hail The Tennant and the glorious ten inch>> that the allurements you speak of re the shirtless Prince Arthur impersonator are unknown to me [although there is nothing wrong with my imagination. Before I entered the convent as Acolyte, I was in thrall to...no. I shall not go There. Faithfulness to Our Blessed Tennant has been my life's beacon since being saved by the Sainted DI Carlisle in 2005. Not that I'm keeping tabs or anything.]Please know that I understand how frustrating and spatula-inducing is the lengthy imurement of Our Dear One in foreign parts, far from the sight of his Faithful Ones. [For prozlytising activity, known as film making, as we understand but Enough, Already! Come home!] We long for a Sign, for Anything! that will bring His Dear Visage and the sight of his comely person unto our reverent, closely observant gaze. One has heard via the convent grape vine of certain graven images of the Lord of Time clad in Leather and with his beloved face curiously hidden behind a pointed beard...I confess, the idea dost bring on palpitations and visions of the most disturbing sort. I seem to be spending all my time in penance these days, while the pots in the scullery and the sheets and wimples in the laundry are piling up and up. Lord save us, as only he can. Single Father, where are you?? Manifest yourself soon, we pray.
Acolyte Agatha, Paisley-on-Sea

Anonymous said...

oh sis where did you get these beauties from. they just blow my mind away. yes yes single father on soon between 9th and 15th of october, then the lord (praise be his name and ten inch)will forgive you sis. may the lord bless the sisters bath them in his hottienes. cos the sisters rock. jessie.x

thanks sis.x

Babe on Wheels said...

Ahh, my joy is magnified a thousand-fold at the sight of a sexy, black-clad magician! :)

Come ON BBC, put us out of our misery and tell us when we can worship at the (rather smaller than 40") shrines and perve at Single Father!

Jessie, my dear, I'm so glad you're back on here! I was hoping you would be very soon. xx Doth not those pictures quicken your pulse and... other things?!

Anonymous said...

Pleeeease let our Our Dear Lord of Time ::all hale his glory and teninch:: be back home in UK in time to do some publicity in the run-up to 'Single Father'. Pleeeeeeeeeease!!
He is the most enthusiastic, most cost effective, most watchable and listenable advertisement for all of his projects, as the BBC must surely know.

Is it October 9-15 yet??
Acolyte Agatha, Paisley-on-Sea

Anonymous said...

Our dear Acolyte Agatha may have uncovered the real reason for the delay in naming the exact time and date of our much-awaited bliss. Auntie Beeb does indeed know the value of our dear one's ability to whip up the frenzy of excitement at the thought of worshiping him upon the 40" and may be bidding its corporate time waiting for Our Lord to finish his toils in the film studios of the New World. Twitterbirds doth buzz the filming of Fright Night is soon to be completed, but yet continues to this day. If this be true, I reason that Auntie waits for news of the very hour Our Lord is to set his magnificent size elevens on home shores and then we shall see an outpouring of publicity which will gladden our eyes and quicken our...other areas.

Acolyte Bobbi of the Lone Star

Anonymous said...

Ah! Twitterbirds buzz that the Fright Night wrap party apparently took place last night. Our Lord (bless his teninch) should soon be on his way!

Acolyte Bobbi of the Lone Star

amberleigh said...



I've forgotten how to breathe...