Wednesday, 20 April 2011

RIP Elisabeth Sladen

Yesterday was a day of sadness for the Sisters as it saw the passing of Elisabeth Sladen who we all fell in love with in the seventies and eighties as Sarah-Jane Smith - the most faithful of companions.

If Tom Baker was MY Doctor, then Sarah-Jane and K9 were MY companions and when Sarah-Jane met  our Lord Ten-Inch in School Reunion, it made this fan-girls year!

Sarah-Jane and her Sonic Lipstick will be sadly missed by two generations, those who watched originally and their children who were drawn into the world of sci-fi drama all over again by the magnificent Ruffle Tea!

God Bless Elisabeth and our condolences to your family and friends.


Helen said...

SJS was my first companion, too - certainly the first one I remember.

She was wonderful - strong and not too "screamy" - unless her life depended on it!

Of course I used to watch SJA as well - loved it - especially the one when she nearly got married and Ten turned up!

The Whoniverse is an emptier place, today.

RIP Sarah Jane. xx

Helen said...

I managed to catch the end of The Hand of Fear last night - I wish I'd know it was on. I'll be recording the rest.

It's funny - I was definitely watching Doctor Who at that time, but I really don't remember it. it's like watching it new again!

The music is just as I remember it, though...