Thursday, 2 June 2011

After the PRESSure comes the Party!!

The Sisters have combed t'interweb this very morn for the ultimate prize, visions of the Lord *praise be his name and Teninch* enjoying himself at the Much Ado About Nothing aftershow party. There's also one or two of his mates and a rough-looking wannabe daddy in law!

Beware, there are disturbing scenes of a Child being escorted off the premises as she over-stayed her curfew!

As an added bonus, I have included at the beginning some new production pics just released and some more signing pics at the end - infact its just a glorified picspam of the Lord!!


angelesque said...

Can. Not. Wait. Till. 3rd. September.

What visions of beauteousness you bestow sisters - is it possible that the Lord has reached even higher levels of hotness as he passes into his forties?

What a shame he had to break festivities early to escort that blonde youth home - surely she should not have been invited to this adults only party?

a x

Temperance said...

Wow, Catherine Tate looks absolutely gorgeous on these pics !!! And is it Billie Piper in the car ??
And major lol at the difference between the way the Lord holds Catherine's hand and is "being held" by the child... every possible fingers trying to espcape her claws !!! Body language definitely speaks volumes !!! :)

Helen said...

He does look like he's being grabbed hold of for dear life, doesn't he?

Doesn't he just look so cute, though, I don't think he can believe the reception that the play is getting.

I'm MOST jealous about the pics of the signing - I had but a fleeting audience with His Beautifulness. That was the evening he was going out to dinner - a pox on my luck (or lack of it).

I didn't even get chance to register how hot he was; it was as if I couldn't see him, although he was right before me, and I didn't get a pic.

He was very sweet, though; he said; "Shall I sign here, all over my nice white shirt?" and when I said (I think!) how much I'd enjoyed it he thanked me for coming and said "Much appreciated" and that was it...

I don't fancy getting returns where I have to sit in the theatre, but I WILL try - I really want to see it again.

Failing that, I may just go up to London and wait at the appointed time - and hope someone decides to take pity on me! I will take my programme and ticket...

Helen said...

Apropos of the Lad, I've decided I can't miss seeing this:

I hope my ticket's in the post!

Helen said...

Hi again,
Sorry, nothing to do with MAAN, but I thought you'd like to know this, if you didn't already:

It's pointless me printing the link to this story because you have to sign into the site to see it, but it seems that Scottish BAFTA may be thinking about giving DT a gong:

"Television shows such as David Tennant's Single Father, Taggart, River City, Limmy, The Scheme and Case Histories could also be shortlisted. Three “special contribution” awards will be given on the night of the gala “red carpet” affair..."


Helen said...


PS my Word Verification was helansyc - are they trying to tell me something?!

Anonymous said...

Hi Helen...

That's the second or third interview I've seen GM's Father do and I'm still in cringe mode, what is up with that guy?! He has give more ink to The Lord then his own kid..weird weird weird

Helen said...

HI Anita,

I know, and he's probably not the only one.

I've lost count at the number of interviews where the fact that DT is engaged and has a baby with GM has been tacked on the end of it.

...and I have yet another appropriate word verification - poush!

Helen said... another really cute report but yet more of the same details being trotted out - and why must everything turn into a fashion show?!

Helen said...

Made the mistake of reading the interview from "grandpa". :p How DARE anyone suggest the Lord changes nappies really slowly so he'll be thought too incompetent to do it ever again! GRR!

Anyway, on a happier note - our Lad gets not one, but TWO mentions in next week's Radio Times - someone praises "The Purple Land" in a letter (and his acting) and there is a wee pic on the back page and a teasing note that in the next edition (out 2 August) we shall see DT "As he's never been seen before"!

This must be something to do with "This is Jinsy" - cue for me muttering that I won't get to see it until the DVD comes out, grumble, groan, moan.