Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Who's been a naughty Lad then????

Dear Sisters and Acolytes

All this nonsense with #superinjunctions has led the Sisters to discover that Ryan Giggs (who? I hear you cry) is not the only famous person to walk over to the dark side recently. It seems our Lord of Time and Space himself *praise be His Name and Teninch* has had a little saunter over that way aswell...

I can only gaze with mouth open at the visions that were abounded upon t'interweb this week - apparantly they were orginally exposed at some little movie award ceremony across the Pond. Imagine the Sisters surprise to see that our Lord favoured leather, crosses and some serious military hardware as his relaxing evening attire - not common in West London. Not only that but he appears to have acquired some body art and guy-liner aswell. 

Lord - you only needed to ask - the Sisters have ready access to many Ann Summers establishments and could have furnished your every desire at the drop of a hat (so to speak)

Anyways - Enjoy! 

Tennant xx


Helen said...

OMG he is DIVINE! Or should that be something opposite to that, bearing in mind the paraphanalia with which he's surrounded?!

I particularly love the last one... I can't wait for this to come out! Haven't watched the trailer yet, either...

angelesque said...

Oh my God that last picture.

*babbles incoherently*


Helen said...


There's another nice one here - what do you think?

Sister Chastity said...

Come to mama!!!

Helen said...

Indeed, sister. But he'd better put that gun down, first. He'll have somebody's eye out!

Helen said...


Holy Jihad on the infidel - it is HE who must be stopped!

Oh, and have you seen that uber-sexy trailer for FN?! OMG!

"OOH, I'm gonna pop your cherry!"


"Midori me!"
"Midori yourself, douchebag!"
"It looks like pee, but I'm hooked".

Helen said...

He could pop my cherry, any day! Shame it's too late.... phnar, phnar phnar!

I'd Midori him from here to next week!

Helen said...

I saw Fright Night on Sunday - if you haven't seen it, you're in for a real treat! I got quite, ahem, excited at one point....

Honestly, the whole 3D experience was amazing for me - it was kind of like being there but also like those bendy 3D cards you had as a kid - everybody sort of "pops" out of the screen! And yes, I did jump and duck - more than once!

Holy Hannah, DT in tight leather pants in 3D is a sight to behold...
I needed a very cold shower afterwards!