Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Evening Service of Thanksgiving

Wednesday evening.

Sisters I call you to evening service of thanksgiving for another day of lovely Tennanty thoughts.

Thanks be to Sister Virtue for her text which I received this afternoon. Her impure thoughts certainly improved my otherwise disastrous day. I barely had time to even consider the 10” at all between the hours of 9am and 4pm and for that I am truly repentant.

I tried to make up for this lack of diligence to my duty between 4pm and 5pm by perving Photobucket and Youtube rather than writing up the meeting minutes as I was being paid to do!!

As part of my repentance, I have logged in to the Gutter early and posted where I can to entertain and enlighten the Gutter Girls. I am currently searching for some stubble pics to reward Sister Virtue for her dedication and devotion to the lord today.

I promise to do better tomorrow…. or may David *praise be his name* beat me to within an inch of my life with his weapon of mass orgasm.

Sister Chastity

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Sister Virtue said...

My dear Sister,
Oh how you are devoted in your service to our (Time) Lord. *Praise be upon his name* May he bless you with the weapon of mass orgasm one day.

I fear that my thoughts did bring on a moment of when Harry met Sally, as I sat and stared at my stubble wallpaper; the cries of pleasure were so distressing my colleagues enquired if I would like to get a room with my PC. Oh how their lives would be enriched if they were enlightened.

By your command Sister I shall now serve my pennance and trawl t'interweb for images of our (Time) Lord. *Priase be upon his name* to share with the Sisterhood.

For what we are about to receive, may our eyes be truly thankful.

Bless you Sister Chastity. Go in peace and perve at the (Time)Lord.