Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Wednesday Worship

Glory be to the Teninch

Thanks to my sisters for the various texts and emails regarding our Lord, David Tennant. I too, like Sister Chastity, have had a rather crap day and need some solitary adoration of our Lord and Master - Hail to the Teninch.

As i pray to this Idol of all Idols, i grasp the teninch tightly - then slowly praise the stiffness. This is surely the greatest of all gifts from our Lord. But......wait......ITS A MIRACLE!!!!! The great gift grows!!!!! HALLELUJAH!!!!

It throbs in my hand - the Lord is communing with me through his teninch. It tells me faster.......faster....... I do what I am commanded to do. Mana from Heaven!!!!! The Lord delivereth unto me - milk and honey from his loins!!!!! I am surely blessed.

Oh - praise be to the Teninch!!!! This sister can now go perve with her fellow sisters in the Gutter now - I think i just had an epiphany!!


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