Friday, 28 March 2008

Friday Night Perving

Sisters, I have been busy in my devotion to our (Time) Lord *Praise be* and have spent the morning on t'interweb looking for news of our beloved as he came amongst the horny flock to bestow his greatness upon them. I hear that he has selflessly allowed the good people from Ch4 to tie him to a bed in his undercrackers to torment a fellow devotee of our (Time) Lord *Praise be* How this poor unfortunate soul contained herself in close proximity to the 10" and the (Time) Lord *praise be* is yet to be witnessed. I pray that her perverted soul has been saved and that she will one day be able to leave the padded cell that she was placed in after such a sight. (jammy bitch!)

I have also learnt that much lampooning of the father will be taking place as well as the poor boys who Proclaim. There is also some merriment in the Q&A section. How our beloved handled this is to be marvelled at. Whomever has ruffled his hair does greatly impress me, as this is something I also aspire to upon my audience with our (Time) Lord. *Praise be*

As well as my work on the web I have prepared the 40" altar and have cleaned it to shine. The communal wine is chilling and the chocolate is broken. Before service I shall install new Duracell batteries into the sonic.

I look forward to seeing you evening worship.


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