Sunday, 30 March 2008

All my bags are packed and I'm ready to go...


I bid you farewell and I leave our wet and windy shores for sunnier climes. I am glad that we attended Friday worship as the look and the word of our (time) Lord *praise be* was mighty fine!

Oh! were the heavens and the universe joyously thanked at the sight of our Lord, tied to a bed, in all his grey undercracker glory for the masses to see. I must admit dear sisters that at this point I did have many inpure thoughts toward the 10" Sisters, I pray that you also had similar experiences? Dis you not once imagine closing the door behind you, locking it. Then working time and time again to "pleasure" our (Time) Lord *praise be*?

While I have been recounting this experience another vision has appeared on the 40" altar. It was set in a car park and the vision appeared and calmed the troubled soul. This was not foreseen over on the oracle. I fear that they are losing their faculties.

While I am gone I trust you shall go about your duties and spread the perve? I shall return next Sunday evening from which I shall go straight to the 40" altar and worship. I shall give great thanks if the heethan souls of criticdoom do actually seek enlightenment this season and remember that our beloved spreads the word to a family audience. He only seeks the inner perve of the female of the species or those that may choose to travel on the other bus.

Until the 6th...Go and perve at our beloved.


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