Wednesday, 26 March 2008

I have had a vision!

Hail sisters

I cannot let this day pass without letting the world know of the vision of our Lord which dropped through my letterbox this morning.

In gratitude for an act of charity for Headway, I received one of the limited number of cards personally signed by our Lord *praise be his name*. Fortune was with me, as I indisposed on a training course, my daughter (a future sister in waiting if I can convert her) signed for the wondrous gift that the Lord bestowed on me.

I am looking forward to this evening when I can spend some solitary worshipping time in front of this vision with only my Sonic for company!

I will continue to be inspired by this great gift for the rest of today and well into the future...

My thoughts go out to you sisters in the hope that you all receive anything you may also be expecting today.



Sister Bernaholeinmyknickers said...

Hallejua Sister!!!! That is news of the utmost fantasticness!! If you can spare a moment during your fruitful day, please scan and post said pic so we too may worship at this gift from the Lord!!!


Sister Virtue said...

May the blessing of our (time)Lord be upon your selfless soul for sharing this greatness with us.

I have also made an offering to the good works of Headway and am hoping that they may bestow upon me his greatness before I leave to my missionary work to the people of Malta. It is of vital importance that I receive his word or I may have to hump the taplop as a pennance.

I pray that you have spent some time contemplating your great gift with your sonic and will continue to do so until Friday evening worship on Ch4.

Allons y