Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Even Snog

Another day is ending dear Sisters, and we are once again gathered before our (time) Lord. *praise be*
I pray you have had a most bountiful day? I shall venture out into the night once more to preach the good word to those who are yet to seek the enlightenment that is 10".
Sisters, I have a confession and I hope you will here me? I have declared unholy war upon the Toymota Penis. It is with great sorrow that I have declared thisterrible act but my conscience guided me to do so. This unfortunate hybrid is now calling itself a "bandwagon". The recent press have advertised this fact, and yet those that are of superior intelligence are buying such a pile of sh*te. Sisters, I implore you not to make such a terrible mistake as that of our (time) Lord. *praise be* I feel that the Welsh air has in some way fuddled his most magnificent mind, as I am sure if he had his faculties about him at the time of purchase he would have considered another hybrid. Those misguided "luvvies" residing in Londoom have also fallen prey, and while I may not be surprised by this fact as many do not possess the intellect as that of our (time) Lord *praise be* I am disapointed that he has also jumped on the luvvie bandwagon! Shame on you my Lord!
Sisters, let us pray that one day he will see the error of his ways (or I'm torching the bloody car!) I will see you in the orderly queue for the communal snogging of the flock.
Go in peace and perve at the (time) Lord.

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