Friday, 21 March 2008

A Very Good Friday...

Sisters, I have spent a most fruitful day worshipping at the 40" altar. I looked upon our (Time) Lord *Priase be upon his name* in a tux as he battled selflessly to save the 6 billion people upon the earth as well as everyone onboard the Titanic. However, even he, as magnificent as he is, could not save Astrid. Oh dear! Am I bovvered? (whoops wrong assistant)

After afternoon worship I have now logged upon the t'interweb and will avail myself to scavv images of the stud muffin. Please watch this space as I may have good news later on when we come together for evening worship.....

Praise be upon the 10".

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Sister Chastity said...

Sister i am pleased that you have fulfilling your scavving duties, however the image that you provided seems too hot for T'interweb and it is refusing to reveal itself on my taplop!!

Our lengthy worship, along with the copius amounts of communal wine that was consumed at Service last night has taken its toll. I fear i may not be able to worship for too long tonight!!

I will however, continue to add to the Good Book of fics of Our (Time)Lord *prsise be to his name*