Tuesday, 22 April 2008

In Service of our (Time) Lord

My Dear Sisters

We are truly blessed that we have found salvation on a Saturday evening. Worship of the Great Lord of Time *Praise be on his name* in front of the 40" altar is a joy to behold. The Holy (Ma)Donna is attentive to our (Time) Lord,*Praise be on his name*. And thus far the sermons delivered from thy great mount of Cardiff have been favourably received by criticdoom. There is new life in thy words and visions.

My heart doth swell that our (Time) Lord, *Praise be on his name* has recently celebrated the most holiest 37th anniversary of his birth in great style. I have heard rumour that in the great land of Scot they are considering a national day of celebration in our (Time) Lord's name. Should this become statute I think that I may have to return to my land of birth to work with the great unwashed of Glasgow. I would urge my sisters to join me so we may carry out our work to reach many more troubled souls.

However, I am concerned that our beloved is involving himself more and more with the female of the species on thy Beeb Welsh Wales pay roll. Great stories are being told that no female in the service of DW-Dom is safe from the 10". Indeed reports are that thousands are applying for positions at Beeb Welsh Wales in the hope of attending to the 10" , and that our beloved has gotten through a few letters of the alphabet; to date he has reached F. This could be bad if this behaviour were to continue. I urge you to pray, dear sisters, that soon he will see the error of his ways and practice abstinence.

Until Saturday.... May the 10" be constantly on your mind.


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