Friday, 4 April 2008

Join in our Friday Fuckfeast (sorry) Worship of the Lord 10"

Friday has arrived at last.

The wine is in the fridge, the chocolate ready to go and the batteries in our sonics are fully charged.

We have begun our Feast with a short clip on GMTV this morning, the second course will be along shortly in the form of David being interviewed on the Steve Wright show and the main course will be served by Jonathon Ross on a platter at 10.35pm.

I, for one, am ravenous having fasted since Xmas Day. I do hope that our Lord will fulfil my needs with either a dish full of velvetage or a waistcoat. My cup will floweth over should he provide both at one sitting!

Lifeboats on standby.

*Praise the mighty 10"*


1 comment:

anita said...

The Sci-Fi Channel would have done a better job of promoting DW if they had used tag lines like Friay Night Fuckfeast.