Thursday, 3 April 2008

Temptation of the Flesh


I have tonight been tempted by the most amazing vision of our Time Lord *praise be to the 10"* from the new series of Doctor Who. How does this man get to be this SEXY? Those "fuck me" eyes just melt me into a pile of goo :P

I must confess that along with Sister Bernaholeinmyknickers, we have fallen into the most lustful thoughts of what we might do in worship of our Lord. These thoughts have included using the stripy tie, whipped cream and cherries. We have bathed with our Lord in an attempt to cleanse ourselves of these thoughts, but this does not seem to have worked.
We need to be punished hard by the 10" until we learn to be pious and moderate in all things.
Pray with us now dear Sisters:
"Come to us and in us dear (Time) Lord that we may be forgiven of our sinful ways."

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