Sunday, 6 April 2008

Lord Almighty! - Sunday what a Sunday

This blog entry may be a rather long and rambly sisters, but I feel in shock and awe about what has happened over the last 15 hours!

Firstly, our Lord's first outing of the new DW series was beyond my wildest expectations. I lay myself at the feet of his Greatness. This episode bodes extremely well for the next 12 Saturday Sermons.

The Lord *praise be to the Teninch* entertained us royally, with his amazing acting and gorgeous sexiness. The Brown Suit was once again on show, coupled with both a stripy and a spotty tie. There were moments of pure wet bloomerage as well as those that made me laugh out loud. His running was *Thudworthy* and I screamed "Pick me!" at the TV when he said "I want a mate."

The eppy was followed by Confidential and the PURPLE shirt and soft ruffleable hair - O M F G. I feel that the purple shirt should indeed be compulsory uniform for all Sisters from now on!

So after all the worshipping at the 40" Altar all last night, I felt quite lightheaded this morning. To discover then on waking, that our Lord *praise be* no longer has a female companion came as a shocking revelation from the Good Book, the News of the World.

I have no doubt that the Sisterhood is fully ready to step into the breach and extend our worshipful duties any time we are required to do so. We have practised and rehearsed our duties over and over again for this moment. We stand ready, as we know the 10" also stands ready to receive our love and adoration.

David, you know where we are.....

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