Sunday, 6 April 2008

Miraculous News!!!

Good Sisters - I have not yet recovered from the ceaseless worship of our (Time)Lord this weekend. I have had the most depraved thoughts about the (Time)Lord after witnessing his bountiful talents in DW yesterday - I must ask for your forgiveness in this matter.

I have confessed my sins at the 40" altar and hoped that our (Time)Lord heard my prayers - and Hallelujua! The (Time)Lord has answered - because, as you know, he has been cleansed of his Welsh companion and is now free to go forth and perve!

Praise be! This is indeed a miracle! He has listened to our prayers dear Sisters and will (hopefully) keep himself in his abstenance of companionship until November, when the Sisters of Pervitude shall descend upon Stratford and worship him as a (Time)Lord deserves.


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