Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Notes from a small island

My Dear Sisters

I have returned from spreading the good word of our (Time) Lord *praise be* from distant lands. It seems that the great unwashed have been blessed with a bounty of Casanova, albeit in a foreign tongue (Italian). The sight of our (Time) Lord *praise be* in tight clothing more than made up for the loss of translation. I was truly saved as worship happened on Tuesday and again on Saturday evening, although the sermon had been aired on thy holy BBC transmitter some 2 years previously. Praise be to BBC Prime.

Since my return I have managed to savour the great feast twice and have witnessed the sermon from the Rossy. I have still to attend confidential confessions from the behind the scenes. I do believe that thy other great saviour RTD has also spoken his word to the flock.

I have also worshipped the new holy pictures that have appeared. At this point I should confess to you, sisters, that my thoughts were indeed impure, immoral and at one stage probably illegal. I am ashamed of myself (not) and shall consider a suitable punishment to fit the crime. Tomorrow I shall take myself into the wilderness and witness Learners. I beg you to pray for my perverted soul.

Until my remorseful return. I ask that you do not mock the cracked as they are the people who let the light in...


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