Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Are we nearly there yet?


Worship of the 10" has continued in fine form over the past two days despite my having to return to the wide world and earn some filthy lucre to support my dedication to the Lord.

My trainee sisters in the office have showered me with gifts of pictures and articles of our (time) Lord *praise be his name and 10"* which are now posted around the shrine that is my desk.

I also wish to thank Sister Virtue for liberating the pics at the top of this post!!

It seems a long time to wait until Saturday when we will be seen in all our Glory in Pompeii! I am beginning to be impatient *stamping feet clad in fuck me shoes*

The prospect of seeing our (time) Lord in sunnies and shorts climbing up Mt Vesuvius in DW confidential is something that is also exciting my imagination... and other parts of my anatomy too! I will surely (or is that sorely) need the use of a Sonic on Saturday night!

It is getting late now sisters and I must away to my bed and worshipful thoughts of David.

I will post again soon xxx

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Anonymous said...

Hello, Janine -

I sincerely apologise for alarming or offending you by contacting you on YouTube. I was sending you a heartfelt compliment.

Unfortunately, when you blocked me it terminated my subscription to cassiekitty.

Forgive me for writing to you once again, but I'm so very disappointed and I can't reach you any other way except this one.

Please tell me what I can do to repair my error and correct any misperceptions. (I can offer you references if it would reassure you that I am on the level.)

I hope that you will reconsider banning me. You have over 200 subscribers -- please, may I be another one of them?

Best regards,

P.S. - We in the USA didn't know of DT prior to DW. It was due to *your* previous site that I was able to see DT's other work, and begin to appreciate him. That's why the subscription is so important to me. Getting used to him as #10 is making me curious about his other roles (including the three DINKY radio series -- which are fun!).