Saturday, 10 May 2008

What a week this is going to be!!

"I'm sorry, I'm so sorry" I shall use the words uttered by the timeLord himself to apologise for lack of blogging this week. Things have been a bit "complicated" at one of the houses of the sisterhood and one of our sisters is currently converting the peoples of an small island in the Balearics.

So, this week is a BIG week for the Sisterhood.

Firstly, tonight we have the Lord coming face-to-face with his daughter (Sisters, is there something you want to confess?) This should be an emotional rollercoaster of an episode and may need to be watched with a glass or two of the communal wine in hand. Check back tomorrow for an update.

On Friday, two of the sisters are travelling to Londinium to marvel at our Lord's work in an exhibition dedicated to the Time Lord, his companions and enemies. Given enough time and with enough communal wine having been consumed, a side trip to northern London may be in order to play a game of hide and seek the Toymota Penis.

Friday night will also see Channel 4 transmitting the Lord's encounter with the trickster Derren Brown. According to insider sources, Derren has done something that all good Sisters aspire to - namely make David scream! This is something that will need to be closely and repeatedly studied by the Sisters.

So i bid thee farewell until after the eppy tonight. I leave thee all with the vision of gorgeousness that will be our Lord later tonight with his ?daughter?

Tennant Sisters
May the Lord be with you and in you.

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