Thursday, 29 May 2008

Sisters are still alive and well!!!

Bless me Oh (Time) Lord for I have sinned. It has been 3 weeks since my last blog.

I have been having lots of wicked thoughts about the Lord Tenninch. These thoughts have come to me during my waking hours as well as in my sleep. MOre later in the Blog.

Firstly I need to confess that Sister Virtue and I met with our Aussie cousins almost two weeks ago. We went to a exhibition dedicated to our Time Lord in his 9th and 10th incarnation. There was much hilarity as well as some serious worshipping at the craven images of the 10th Lord. We "touched" some areas which should not have been "touched" and we laughed at the Daleks scaring some young 'uns.

The Sisters were well represented within the exhibition by both the feline sisters (they misspelled Pervitude as Plenitude!) and the Shakespearean Carrionites. Sadly the Sisters from Pompeii had yet to arrive!!

After the Exhibition we perused the goods on offer in the Ann Summers shop. Sister Virtue was maligned by the security officer. She was only closely examining the goods mate - not nicking 'em!

Although we were on the lookout for Toymota Penis's, we failed to see the Lord himself at the wheel of the Devil's Space Hopper! Will have better luck I'm sure in November in Stratford!

After all the excitement of London, I have continued to have bad thoughts of the (time) Lord including thoughts about what I could get up to in his bedroom, inspired by the above photographs scavvied by Sister Virtue. I think I may need to put pen to paper and write some fic about it!

And Finally. or c or 4 or whatever.... DW is back this Saturday - Yay!! Looking forward to the new Steven Moffat eppy. "Stay out of the shadows". OK mate! That is unless David is going to hold my hand (or something else).

Until Saturday Sisters

Tennant xxxx

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