Tuesday, 3 June 2008

A Sister's Wrath

Firstly, I would like to welcome Sister Shagwell into the Sisterhood, I hope she will be able to remain with us for some time... we seem to have lost her twin, Sister Virtue, to the technological wilderness... We Pray for Her Soul.

Now onto the serious matter of today's Red Tops. I fear that Sister Shagwell was somewhat premature in her worship of our Lord in his shorts on *Sun*day (pic supplied above). It seems that there was an ulterior motive for his buttons not being done up properly. His new squeeze is not yet old enough to have learnt how to dress herself, or him for that matter.

So far from being overjoyed at the view of our Lord's hairy legs and temptation of the 10", the image is now tainted with the knowledge that he has been spending his nights in Twickenham with the Doctor's Daughter! When he said, "You're My Doctor" to Peter Davidson, what he really meant was "You're my Dad-in-Law"

Not content with shagging his way through the female crew of BBC Welsh Wales, it seems he now feels the irrestible urge to add the female cast members to his ever growing bed-post notches. At 14 years his junior, he is either in denial about his being nearly 40 (David, take a good look at the cover of Takin' over the Asylum), or he is simply becoming a dirty old man!

I'm afraid the Sisters will have to take the Lord *in hand* far sooner than planned before he gets himself arrested for underage shagging. I feel certain the Child Protection Squad in Stratford have already made plans to keep a close eye on him during his sojourn with the Bard's company. After all, they married at 12 in Ol' Will's day.

In closing then, if you are driving on the M40 over the next few weeks, look out for a Toyota Prius in the outside lane with David Tennant at the wheel. He'll be driving to Twickers to get into Georgia's knickers!!

Bow your heads and pray Sisters


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Anonymous said...

Hi Sisters, I've chanced upon your blogspot and find it extremely hilarious, keep it up as I'm sure our Lord is keeping it up with his latest conquest. I do feel that perhaps he's heading in the wrong direction age wise and wish he'd plump for someone his own age or nearer mine, ok me then.

from Voscarian Child