Monday, 2 June 2008

A Sister's return from the wildnerness

Sisters, I have returned to the fold. After many days away spreading the perve to the great unwashed, I am now back and was welcomed by visions of our Lord parading his pins, and airing the 10" around Londoom recently.

Oh, I confess that my heart rate did mightily increase as I devoured such sights with my eyes. I was so overcome that I did actually steal images of our Lord to feed my devotion.

I did also listen to thy profit of mirth and merryment; a Mr Toss of the second radio station. I should share that I think our beloved needs to visit the optician urgently as he commented that the heavenly hair was not tinged with grey - alas my Lord, you are wrong as the proof is documented. There are shades of grey imerging at thy sides and through thy locks.

I was glad to learn that the noble play, Hammy- one of many works of the playwright 'Oor Willie' was referred to as "just a play". I shall remember this as I am losing the will to live, but then again I will be worshipping my Lord's talents, and that of the ensemble cast. (That's what he thinks!)

I have travelled to Stratford to make ready for my Lord's arrival to his righful home. I trust that his first day was filled with much joy and that his time away from Londoom will be benefical to his well-being and that he eats 3 hearty meals and plenty of fruit each day.

Pray with me dear sisters that we shall now be rewarded with more visions of our beloved in short trousers.


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