Friday, 25 July 2008

Vicarious Pervitude


I am handcuffed to the taplop as I scour T'interweb and T'other site in particular for accounts of last night's magnificence on the stage at the Courtyard Theatre in Shakeyland.

I have changed my bloomers several times this morning after words of such power have been uttered through the ether. Words like: "Barefoot", "Tuxedo" and "appendectomy scar" have had my frail frame all of a quiver with excitement. I now read that he rests his head in my lap and I wrestle with him on a bed and grab a kiss... No sorry that was Ophelia and Gertrude the damn lucky wenches. Chant with me sisters..."a pox on both the bitches!"

I have yet to find any visions of his pulchritudinous, I swear on the Lord's 10" that should I find any, I will post them here for all to worship!

Now I return to my task, gruelling though it is.

Added later... I have discovered more wondrousness...

Hamlet gets tied to a chair and gagged OMFG!! Our Lord bound and gagged is almost too much for a mere mortal female to take.

I am also led to understand that the actors use all the stage including the walkways that thrust forward into the Stalls. I think I shall be "coming" in the Stalls if the Lord steps to the end of the left hand walkway!

I shall be on the lookout for the glimpse of "tummy" that has also been forecast.

Tennant x

PS Thanks to a friend of the Sisters... this picture has emerged of the Lord signing programmes at the Stage Door. Pale and interesting!!!

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Anonymous said...

Sister, I am giddy at the visions you doth bestow upon mine own eyes. I too have needed several changes of bloomerage since casting mine eyes over our Lord. Indeed he is pale, but I am certain that this was because he had spent his previous hours quoting Hammy at the great unwashed of shakeyland and bewitching them with his greatest talent.

As you have been dilligent in your tracking of our beloved these last few days you were rewarded for your labour. I am sure that your pilgrimage to see our beloved will bear the fruits of your labour and you shall be granted an audience.

I shall pay homage at the 40" altar this very week for your reward.

Tennant x