Monday, 21 July 2008

Sizzling Summer Sexiness

The Summer Holidays are now upon us. Young 'uns are clamouring to make sandcastles and swim in the English Channel, Wimbledon has come and gone and the Olympic Games is mere weeks away.

I regret that I have not posted recently, but being a Sister of Pervitude can be such a burden, can it not Sisters. Constantly scanning T'interweb for any news or new visions of Our Lord takes up a vast amount of time. Once found, any tidbits must then be shared with the rest of womankind in order to keep the shares of Marks and Spencer afloat in these troubled times. I feel sure that it is the constant purchase of new bloomers which is preventing the country from falling into recession.

Talking of new bloomers, a new signed pic arrived at work for us last week. Such was the excitment that the picture drew, i had to escape the building almost immediately in order to preserve the holiness of the image - women were queuing up to drool over it. The pic is above in all its glory.

I have been on my travels again in the last week. This time taking the word of our Lord up North to the land of the Tykes. So joyous was the news that I brought, that they have invited me to join their Clan in the CWDC (that's Children's Wishes Don't Count- a government funded organisation) for 25 days between September 08 and March 09 to deliver training on the Lad to anyone who will listen in the South West of England.

So I enter my summer recess from working for a living full of hope and joy for the future. My calendar is marked with major events not to be missed:

Anytime now expecting delivery of the next installment of Hiccup on audio book. 3 hours of the Lad explaining the adventures of a 12 year old ginger viking! Love it!

6 August - my first visit to the Royal Shagging Company to see the Lord portray the troubled Dane, followed by a sojourn in the Dirty Duck to reserve the best seats for the SOP pilgrimage in November. I have posted a rehearsal pic above - spotty shirt in view!

10 August - Witness at first hand the invasion of the Daleks predicted to occur at the Fleet Air Arm Museum near Yeovil. With the Doctor busy in Stratford it will fall to his children to save the earth. Fortunately one of his children will be in attendance in full tuxedo mode including new Converses to complete the transformation.

31 August - Sadly this Sister is unable to make the Sermon in the Courtyard as the Lord imparts his well chosen words with regards to the importance of Shakespeare to the new generation. I hope that t'Other Site can be relied upon for a full and frank report of his wonderful words of wisdom as well as some otherwise unseen visions of Tennanty goodness. The spotty shirt would be a double bonus.

I wish everyone a hot and happy summer holidays. Being that i shall not be grinding at the wheel of industry until 1 September, I shall try to spend my leisure hours researching, writing and generally perving the Lad on behalf of sisters everywhere. Enjoy the final pic - I like to think that he had that look on his face as he read our Birthday Card and logged on to this blog!

Tennant Sisters; Tennant xxx

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