Friday, 4 July 2008

We have been blessed sisters


Our (time) Lord has bestowed his gorgeousness on us in the form of a signed S T U B B L E pic which landed on my doorstep during this week. On opening the envelope the vision left me breathless for a considerable period of time and in need of several pairs of new bloomers!

I have shown the expected level of respect for the pic, and after rubbing against my skin for hours on end, it has now been carefully stored alongside my other most prized possessions!

This week has been very interesting...

Saturday night Doctor Who - Stolen Earth - OMFG! Wondering what will happen this week - will the Lord regenerate into himself (yes, yes, yes) or will we be looking for an alternative place of worship?

Sunday - 2 Sisters joined together in pervitude in Londoom! A wonderful time was had. We first went to the natural history museum in search of the 8th wonder of the world (the ten-inch). Sadly we were informed that it was currently residing in a Shakespearean theatre in Stratford.

From there we raided the Doctor Who floor in Hamleys on Regent Street. A Sonic was purchased along with other memorabilia.

Finally a diversion into Ann Summers and we are now the proud owners of matching sets of luminous ten-inch earrings for our excursion in November.

Tuesday Along with the vision that is S T U B B L E, my doormat was also graced with 4 rather special tickets. A further outing for the Sisters to theatreland in Londoom on 10 January to see our Lord the Prince of Darkness in his last performance as the troubled Dane. I feel sure that the Lord will have a "special performance" in mind for the Sisters as this is his last night!

Wednesday. My week is now complete. kindly sent me a copy of Takin' ove the Asylum which i have been watching every night so far. The young Lord is a wonderful sight and his singing and dancing have once again set fire to my heart. I am truly devoted to this wonderful man!

Thank the Lord for my wonderful week so far....

Tennant sisters, Tennant

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Sister Shagwell said...


Indeed this is a glorious sight to behold. Our love has chosen to send his blessings to the Sisters. Praise be!

However I am a troubled soul as our beloved is no longer upon the 40" altar this week and I have learnt that those who know nothing have deemed that "go mobile" tax be increased, yet they do not increase the tax on the devil's own mode of transport - the Toymota penis! Such dismay.

However I shall feast upon the goodness that is my love.

Pray sisters.