Thursday, 21 August 2008



As you know I have recently been suffering terribly from a constant problem of seeing spots in front of my eyes. I think that I have found the cause in the form of the Lord in one particular shirt which he favours.

The cure is simple... I must meet the spotty Lord in person and divest him of said garment slowly and purposefully. Only by going through this ritual will I be cured of my debilitating syndrome!

*Goes in search of more spots*

Tennnant Sisters xxx

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Sister Shagwell said...

Sisters, I implore you to now bow your head in prayer and pray that we may assist our Sister at her greatest hour/day/week/month of need.

Indeed, this is such an infliction that she is spending hours searching the darkest recesses of World Wide Weirdness to unearth the cause of her distress. In particular those of blackness with white spots are the most coveted.

Beloved Lord of Time, if you happen to grace us with thy wandering into our "confessions", please grant unto us one wish; 31 October, 2008. Stage door. Be there after the evening sermon in the Courtyard to receive your devoted follower wearing thy black vestment with white spots.

We pray that you will grant Sister C her wish.

Tennant X