Monday, 1 September 2008

Greetings, Sisters....

...I have indeed returned from my jaunt to foreign shores, spreading the good word of the 10" himself. "Lets get this road on the show" I commented to my mother as we boarded the vessel bringing me back to our holy place of worship. He was never far from my mind as I allowed myself many unholy thoughts. And no attention was paid to the 'loife boys, the devil personified.
I am back now to continue my worship.
Tennant xxxx


Sister Chastity said...

Welcome home Novice Strumpet

I'm pleased to hear that you are back safely from the land of Senors and Senoritas and that while you were there, you were spreading the word of the Lord in a foreign tongue.

The new term in the sisterhood is upon us and we have a mere 8 weeks to practice our most holy of pervitudiness skills in readiness for The Pilgrimage on all Hallows Eve.

Chant with me Sisters...

Tennant x

Sister Shagwell said...

Indeed we are at the start of the autumn perve. I have spent many hours in contemplation perving the Lord of time and his alter ego Hammy. I pray that we are studious over the coming weeks by studying the dvdvd visions and regular worship at the 40" altar in preparation for our worship upon the thrust stage in shakeyland.

Upon our arrival I am led to believe that the good sisters will be inducted to the holy order of the darkened long necked swimmy thing. Later that evening the sisters travel to spread the word of our beloved to the great un-dead on all Hallows Eve. Will the sisters of Carrion escape to globe of crystal balldom to join us? The last time they were amongst us they did try to harm our beloved so he encased them and hid them in his machine of time. (TARDIS, not a Penis car!)

I continue to pray for our perverted souls.

Tennant x