Sunday, 31 August 2008

She has returned....


I have received news via the instrument of idle gossip that Novice Strumpet is home after being deported from foreign lands. The vessel that delivered her safely to our fold was delayed as the captain wanted to see the last sermon from the book of Blackpool.

Officials from Viva Espania are now talking in tongues of Scot and proclaiming great joy and adoration of our beloved. I do believe that our Novice has "done the lad proud" and truly spread the joyous word of our (Time) Lord.

Word has also reached the Sisterhood that our Lord may choose to appear before the great unwashed of shakeyland and bestow his most holy word upon the writings of ol' Billy boy before he takes to the great thrust altar to deliver the evening sermon from Denmark. I hope that the great unwashed listen with intent at the mutterings of the Divine One and look upon him with revered awe although their eyes should not be worthy to see such vision before them. On your knees, wretched souls and bow your head before our Lord 10"

Pray Sisters.....

Tennant x

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