Tuesday, 9 September 2008

My Plea to the Sisterhood...

I feel, as a Novice that I must prove myself to you, Sisters and show that I am worthy to be part of the Unholy Order.

The Lad has been a part of my life now for 4 years and each day my innocence has wiltered away and I've succumbed to a life of Guttering and Pervitude.

I eat, sleep and breathe the 10" and not a day goes by when I am not perving- be it in the Gutter, our spiritual home or on t'other side- scavving pics and trying to keep my unholy thoughts in order.

As a very learned Novice with a lot of knowledge about The Lad, I was wondering if perhaps it is time for me to take my unholy communion and become a fully-fledged sister? I am more than ready to devote my life to perving and no other will ever enter my mind (including the 'loife devil-men.) So, what do you say?



Sister Shagwell said...

Novice Strumpet

The Sisters have read your request and feel that you have made some progress toward enlightenment of our Lord Tennich. The daily call to perve and spread the word is highly commendable, as is renouncing the devil's own men (Loife boys. We are pleased that you have shown such dilligence in your duties.

Sister Chastity and myself have spoken at great length on this matter, however the Sisters cannot make a decision unless all three are present and sober. Therefore no decision can be made at this point in time.

Once the Sisters have reached an agreement this shall be communicated to you via the display of smoke from the gutter fireside - the smoke is most holy as it will be from the burning of the most holiest of garments that has been worn by our beloved - The spotty shirt will be sacrificed to communicate your ordination to full Sister status.

Until that time, we continue you pray for your perverted soul.

Tennant X

Sister Chastity said...

Ah... Novice,

I fear you are trying to run before you can walk. The Lord teaches us patience and perseverence in his worship.

There are many steps from Novice to Sisterhood and I fear there is no fast-tracking in the Holy Order.

We implore you to fully embrace your privileged position as a Novice of Pervitude. There are many women clamouring on the door begging to be admitted with no success.

Fear not, we will continue to deliberate your status on a regular basis and decide when the time is ripe for the Spotty to be sacrificed.

Now, Bow your head and pray with us

Tennant x