Sunday, 14 September 2008


I was worshipping at the 40" altar this good morning and was overcome to pray to our beloved.

Hail Perverts,
Full of smut,
The Lord of Time is with thee.
Blessed is he in tight pants among many, many women,
and blessed is the fruitof thy work, ACTING.
Holy Russell,Creator of smutdom,
pray for us perves now,
and at the hour prior to all transmissions

Tennant x

Hail Hammy,
Full of woe,
The Prince of Denmark is with grief.
Blessed art thou upon the thrust stage,
and blessed is the spatula used to relieve all sexual frustration,
pray for us perverts now,
and at the line of “Count –ry Matters”

Tennant x
Repeat daily my sisters so we may truly embrace the 10".

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