Saturday, 4 October 2008

Holy Visions

Sisters, fall to your knees in worship of the vision before you.

I am in need of many hours of solitude in my cell with a spatula.

Prasie be upon him and the thought of stubble burn be with you for many days.....

Tennant xx


Anonymous said...

It is generally considered polite to ask permission before posting someone elses photograph?! Or at least credit the person?

Sister Chastity said...


It seems that we have upset a member of T'other Forum expects the Sisters to have asked permission share her visions of the Lord with the rest of the great unwashed of the T'interweb.

Does she not realise that such visions cannot be contained within a single photobucket account or forum thread. They need to be worshipped by millions as befits a Lord of Time.

If he deigns to appear before the instruments of image capture looking so damn shaggable then those images will be posted whenever and wherever there is a gathering of like-minded women to be satisfied.

However, in order to placate the image taker we hereby give thanks to you *SMHW*. You take fantastic pics!

Sister Burnaholeinmyknickers said...


I must declare that i am upset that we have apologised for the use of this photo of our Lord 10". Anyone that posts pics of our Lord on the t'interweb is insane to think that it will not be snapped up by masses of other worshippers.

If anyone posted my pics of the lad I do not wish to be credited or asked for permission. It is absolutely indicative of t'other side that its members would react like their admins - rediculously anal.

If people do not wish their pictures to be scavved by members of the general public, then just tell whichever forum theyre on that they have a picture and if anyone wants to view it, pm them.

Complain to your admins about it, but do not take it to OUR blog.

Tennant x